Pink Floyd - Untitled Instrumental
Album info
Length  : 02:17
Format  : FLAC
Rating  : 7
Live  :
Recording Date  : 26-03-1968
Track List
01 Untitled Instrumental 02:17

Recorded at the the BBC 2 Programme 'The Sound of Change'. Very good recording of the band improvising in the studio.

From the info file:

Pink Floyd - 1968-03-26 - Untitled Instrumental
done by creamcheese on 2008-02-23

This is the Untitled Instrumental done by the Floyd on 1968-03-26 for the BBC 2 Programme 'The Sound of Change'.
To be honest:
Itīs mp2-sourced (the DVD of the programme was the source used)
Itīs denoised, but carefully
It has some light fake stereo effect added

If someones got a better audio source of this gem, please up it on the yeeshkul tracker.

Hope you have fum with this one...

Here I will leave out the 'donīt encode to lossy formats'-sermon, but if you make money with this, youīre an asshole!

Greets from creamcheese.