IQ - Guaranteed Failsafe (PRRP008)
Album info
Length  : 152:19
Format  : FLAC
Rating  : 6
Live  : Yes
Recording Date  : 21-03-1999
Track List
Guaranteed Failsafe (PRRP008) (Disc 1) 50:24
01 Overture 04:01
02 Provider 01:39
03 Subterranea 05:29
04 Sleepless Incidental 05:58
05 Failsafe 08:43
06 Speak My Name 03:46
07 Tunnel Vision 06:49
08 Infernal Chorus 04:49
09 King Of Fools 02:16
10 The Sense In Sanity 04:41
11 State of Mine 02:13
Guaranteed Failsafe (PRRP008) (Disc 2) 50:17
01 Laid Low 01:33
02 Breathtaker 05:28
03 Capricorn 05:53
04 The Other Side 02:26
05 Unsolid Ground 05:04
06 Somewhere In Time 06:39
07 High Waters 02:32
08 The Narrow Margin 20:42
Guaranteed Failsafe (PRRP008) (Disc 3) 51:38
01 The Wake 07:11
02 Human Nature 11:39
03 Out of Nowhere 09:50
04 The Last Human Gateway 22:58

Recorded at the Astoria, London, UK. Very good audience recording.

From the info file:

March 21, 1999 (The Astoria- London, UK)

1.1 Overture 4:00
1.2 Provider 1:39
1.3 Subterranea 5:29
1.4 Sleepless Incidental 5:58
1.5 Failsafe 8:42
1.6 Speak My Name 3:45
1.7 Tunnel Vision 6:49
1.8 Infernal Chorus 4:49
1.9 King Of Fools 2:16
1.10 The Sense In Sanity 4:40
1.11 The State Of Mind 2:13

2.1 Laid Low 1:33
2.2 Breathtaker 5:27
2.3 Capricorn 5:53
2.4 The Other Side 2:25
2.5 Unsolid Ground 5:03
2.6 Somewhere In Time 6:39
2.7 High Waters 2:31
2.8 The Narrow Margin 20:42

3.1 The Wake 7:11
3.2 Human Nature 11:39
3.3 Out Of Nowhere 9:50
3.4 The Last Human Gateway 22:57

Paul Cook - Drums and Percussion
Mike Holmes - Lead Guitars and Keyboards
John Jowitt - Bass Guitars and Vocals
Peter Nicholls - Lead Vocals
Martin Orford - Keyboards and Vocals

'Guaranteed Failsafe'

In January 1997, IQ began work on 'Subterranea', their sixth studio album and without doubt their most ambitious project to date. The 105-minute 2 CD set would form the basis for a completely new stage show. 'After we'd finally managed to release 'Forever Live', we didn't really want to release a single studio album', explained Mike Holmes. 'We felt it would have been a bit of an anticlimax after the quality and standard of the boxed set. We also had quite a bit of material kicking around'. Peter Nicholls: 'When we were writing 'Subterranea:, I came across loads of old rehearsal tapes with ideas that we'd never finished because we'd got sidetracked by something else. There was an awful lot of material there that we felt we should have another look at.' The decision to build the album around a concept was and important one for the band, as Martin Orford remembered: With this album, it was nice to have the framework of a story to work to so that we knew the sort of pieces we had to find for particular sections.
So creative were the 'Subterranea' writing sessions, though, that IQ had no need to resort to reworking unfinished ideas. In Fact, two tracks 'The Universal Scam' and 'Eyes Of The Blind', were omitted from the final album, only being released two years later on the rarities CD, 'The Lost Attic'
After this memorable concert, IQ returned to The Met for the final UK 'Subterranea' show and then headed off to Holland to film its last ever performance, at the 013 in Tilgurg. This would later appear as the CD, video and DVD, 'Subterranea : The Concert'.
Incredibly, the full 'Subterranea' show was performed live only 16 times and those who saw it will never forget it. This triple CD package captures some of the unique atmosphere in London on that special night. Enjoy!

Notes from the Re-Master

This is generally a very good audience with music signal up to 16,000 Hz. Pops and crackle were the most offending noise that needed to be removed. Also, The high range treble was too accentuated and lead to the pronunciation of the letter 'S' as piercing so it was cut down. Applause was a bit too loud in many places so this was reduced where necessary. Finally, the last few minutes of the show were missing from the original source but we were able to track down a video of the show that had the missing section. We transitioned the audio from a high quality audience taping device to a video tape source. The transition works well but the reduction in quality is obvious. We felt it was important to include the complete show despite this reduction in fidelity.