Porcupine Tree - Internet Downloads (MP3)
Album info
Length  : 52:38
Format  : MP3
Rating  : 6
Live  : Yes
Recording Date  : Various
Track List
01 Is...Not (Live) 06:09
02 Phantoms 03:17
03 London 03:21
04 Moonloop (Part 2) 09:51
05 Disappear (Demo Version 2.0) 06:28
06 Chloroform 07:14
07 Chloroform (Instrumental Rough Mix) 07:33
08 Orchidia (2003 Version) 03:26
09 2003 Intro Music 05:19

Collection of MP3 files that were made available by the band via their website (www.porcupinetree.com). Excellent SQ.

From the info file:

01. Is...Not [out-take from Coma Divine]
Released on July 12th 2000 as is_not.mp3
This is from the Coma Divine concert series. Part of the track 'The Sky Moves Sideways'. This comes from the 3rd Frontiera show, March 26th 1997. The reason why Is..Not is mentioned as a separate track is because the band used to perform this fragment of TSMS phase 2 as a stand-alone track back in the early days (1993/1994/1995).

02. Phantoms
Released on April 14th 1999 as phantoms.mp3
This track is an out-take from 'Up the Downstair' and was recorded in 1992.
All instruments and vocals by SW.
Music - SW / Lyrics - Alan Duffy

03. London
Released on October 20th 2000 as london.mp3
Recorded at No Man's Land 1997. Demo from the 'Stupid Dream' writing sessions.
Vocals, acoustic guitar and piano - SW.
The copyright in this recording is owned by Snapper Music Inc.

04. Moonloop (part2)
Released on January 4th 2001 as moonloop2.mp3
A further extract from the 'Moonloop' improvisation recorded in June 1994.
SW - keyboards, guitar
Colin Edwin - bass
Chris Matiland - drums
Rick Edwards - percussion
Markus Butler - harmonica
Courtesy of Delerium Records.

05. Disappear [demo version 2.0]
Released on August 18th 2001 as disappear-demo.mp3
Written and recorded by SW in 1997.
Bass by Colin Edwin.
SW 'The song Disappear was demoed many times between 1997-99. The band rehearsed it, but it never seemed to be quite right and I kept adding more and more sections until the arrangement and structure became more important than the song. Finally we stripped it right down during the Lightbulb Sun sessions, although it still got voted off the album ! Fans of the more progressive aspect of the band may prefer this demo version.'
Courtesy of Delerium Records.

06. Chloroform
Released on August 11th 2002 as chloroform.mp3
Porcupine Tree's 'Chloroform', is an exclusive bonus track from the 'In Absentia' recording session. Chloroform does not appear on any album, nor will it be on the forthcoming albums.

07. Chloroform [instrumental rough mix]
Released on September 24th 2002 as chloroform.mp3
This is a work in progress rough mix before vocals and final overdubs were added.

08. Orchidia [2003 version]
Released on May 24th 2003 as orchidia.mp3
This instrumental was originally demoed by SW during the Lightbulb Sun writing sessions. That demo was issued as a 7 inch single, but this is a brand new 2003 version with extra guitars and live drums played by Gavin Harrison.

09. 2003 intro music
Released on December 21st 2003 as ptintrotape03.mp3
A condensed version of the introduction music used at Porcupine Tree concerts throughout 2003, which is based on Even Less but ncorporates sounds and elements from many other PT tracks.