Pink Floyd - The Violent Pudding (JS+TBD)
Album info
Length  : 97:33
Format  : SHN
Rating  : 6
Live  : Yes
Recording Date  : 11-02-1970
Track List
The Violent Pudding (JS+TBD) (Disc 1) 72:40
01 Disc 1 72:40
The Violent Pudding (JS+TBD) (Disc 2) 24:53
01 Disc 2 24:53

Recorded at the Town Hall, Birmingham, UK. Very good audience recording of a very interesting show. This recording consists of 2 SHN files.

From the info file:

I've always liked this version of this show. I've found it to be a nice alternative to Harvested's Project Birmingham. Not necessarily better, just mastered differently. I believe I downloaded this from NPF several years ago.

I think Fat Old Suns comments below are instructive. I've included some seek files with the torrent since it was seeded as two large shn files and you couldn't move around within each file without them.

*****Info taken from Artwork Front Insert*******************
A Co-Production of Space Jewel Recordings and Jim Shoes and the barkin Dogs.
Digitally Remastered from VHS Audio copy of 'low generation (3rd?) Reel to Reel.

60 cycle hum removed and speed corrected. All edits were present in the source. It should be fairly obvious that no noise reduction has been applied. Digitally remastered August 2000 at the source of the stink.

*****Original info included in Torrent**********************
Pink Floyd
The Violent Pudding
February 11th, 1970
Town Hall, Birmingham, UK

Disc 1:
1. Embryo
2. Main Theme from More
3. Careful With That Axe, Eugene
4. Sysyphus
5. Project Birmingham
Including: Heartbeat Pigmeat
The Violent Sequence

Disc 2:
1. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
2. The Amazing Pudding

disc 1 - 1:12:39
disc 2 - 0:25:52

notes: i picked this up and it included absolutely no lineage or anything.
The Amazing Pudding seems to have a cut at the end about 10min in, but the Harvested version is not cut, yet in sound quality they sound very similar. the Harvested release is alot more saturated and alot more technology has been used to 'clean up' the sound. the hiss is still very evident, but it just doesn't sound as 'mopped up' as the Harvested version.

to the average ears the Harvested version will be alot better, but to those with more sound engineered trained ears you may find this abit better to listen to.