Camel - Glasgow
Album info
Length  : 67:55
Format  : FLAC
Rating  : 6
Live  : Yes
Recording Date  : 04-04-1976
Track List
01 Aristillus 02:09
02 Song Within a Song 07:25
03 The Great Marsh 01:49
04 Rhayader 03:07
05 Rhayader Goes to Town 05:42
06 Air Born 05:00
07 Chord Change 06:51
08 The White Rider 09:22
09 Lunar Sea 09:17
10 Preparation 03:32
11 Dunkirk 06:54
12 Another Night 06:47

Recorded at the Apollo Theatre, Glasgow, UK. Very good audience recording.

From the info file:

Continuing this series of Camel recordings, carrying on the 'Moonmadness' tour....

Apollo Theatre, Glasgow, UK
4th April 1976
Aud, B, 68min

This second recording from the spring 1976 UK 'Moonmadness' tour is, like the Liverpool recording from two days earlier, also a rough audience job. However this documents the complete show, the only recording from this tour to do so, and in somewhat better audio quality.

This is a rare recording, at least, not commonly traded. Sourced from a low-generation tape, I have transfered and mastered the recording. It is mono, grainy and hissy, but relatively undistorted, and all the instruments can be heard clearly. So a worthwhile listen.

The third and final source for this tour is the 1976-04-14 Hammersmith Odeon, London concert, which was taped by the band, and songs from which have been officially released on various albums; 'A Live Record', and bonus tracks on 'Moonmadness', and Camel Productions have recently released video footage of nearly the complete show on their 'Moondances' DVD. The traded audio disc 'British TV 1976' is from a broadcast at the time of this concert.

1. Aristilus
2. Song Within a Song
3. The Great Marsh
4. Rhayader
5. Rhayader Goes to Town
6. Air Born
7. Chord Change
8. the White Rider
9. Lunar Sea
10. Preparation
11. Dunkirk
12. Another Night (encore)

Andy Latimer; guitars, flute
Pete Bardens; keyboards
Doug Ferguson; bass
Andy Ward; drums