Camel - Reading
Album info
Length  : 59:10
Format  : FLAC
Rating  : 6
Live  : Yes
Recording Date  : 28-08-1976
Track List
01 Introduction 00:36
02 Aristillus (from tape) 01:55
03 The Great Marsh 01:39
04 Rhayader 03:10
05 Rhayader Goes to Town 05:10
06 Song within a Song 07:03
07 Chord Change 06:18
08 Lunar Sea 09:14
09 Preparation 02:37
10 Dunkirk 07:06
11 Lady Fantasy 14:22

Recorded at the Reading Rock Festival, Reading, UK. Very good audience recording.

From the info file:

Reading Rock Festival, Reading, UK
28th August 1976
Aud, B+, 59min

Here is Camel's performance at the annual Reading Rock Fest in 1976. It is pretty obvious it is an outdoor gig - lots of calls to 'sit the *%^# down!' And if you ever doubted that Aristillus was played from tape as the band came on, have a listen to this occasion when the engineer gets the tape speed wrong :-)

This mono recording is quite acceptable, considering it is an outdoor event. Overall the sound is a little distant, but usually quite clear, although at times it sounds as though the mic slipped down or been stuffed into a bag, as the sound becomes muffled and strangely strangled.

I have tweaked this one by getting stuck into the eq. The bass was overpowering, and I've toned it down considerably, allowing the mids and highs to come through a bit more. I haven't tried to adjust those strangled passages, as it would be too tricky to match up with the rest, so you'll just have to enjoy the sensation of listen to the Camels from within a chaff bag for a few minutes.


1. Introduction
2. Aristillus (from tape)
3. The Great Marsh
4. Rhayader
5. Rhayader Goes to Town
6. Song within a Song
7. Chord Change
8. Lunar Sea
9. Preparation
10. Dunkirk
11. Lady Fantasy

Andy Latimer; guitars, flute
Pete Bardens; keyboards
Doug Ferguson; bass
Andy Ward; drums