Camel - Groningen
Album info
Length  : 84:45
Format  : FLAC
Rating  : 5
Live  : Yes
Recording Date  : 16-09-1976
Track List
Groningen (Disc 1) 42:18
01 Aristillus 01:59
02 Song Within a Song 07:39
03 The Great Marsh 01:53
04 Rhayader 03:13
05 Rhayader Goes to Town 06:15
06 Air Born 05:07
07 Chord Change 06:28
08 White Rider 09:44
Groningen (Disc 2) 42:27
01 Lunar Sea 09:32
02 Preparation 02:50
03 Dunkirk 07:37
04 Lady Fantasy 17:34
05 Homage to the God of Light 04:54

Recorded at the Evenementenhal, Groningen, The Netherlands. Good audience recording. Some tape speed problems, but still listenable.

From the info file:

On to the European leg of the Moonmadness tour...

Evenmenten Hall, Groningen, Netherlands.
16th September 1976
Aud, B-, 42min & 43min, 2CD

September of 1976 sees the Camels on a tour of Europe with their 'Moonmadness' show. There are only 4 known recordings from this tour;
1976-09-16: Evenmentenhalle, Groningen, NL
1976-09-20: Helsinki, Finland
1976-09-23: Chateau Neuf, Oslo, Norway
1976-09-29: Koncerthuset, Gothenburg, Sweden

I'll offer all these in coming days, including a remastered version of the Helsinki radio broadcast.

Note that a traded disc '1976-10-?: Palacio de los Deportes, Madrid ' is actually the audio from the 1976-04-24 Hammersmith Odeon TV broadcast, which has now appeared officially as 'Moondances' DVD, available from Camel Productions.

This Groningen recording is rather poor; undistorted, but mono, distant, quite hissy, and with some occasional slight tape drag problems. Nevertheless it is surprisingly listenable, and documents nearly the entire show, including a rare performance of 'Gods of Light' (unfortunately only the first 4 minutes of which is preserved on this tape).

Interesting to note that Mel Collins is not onstage with them for this gig, seems to be just the quartet. He is with them four days later for the Helsinki date, and thence on.

I have remastered this set to tweak a few things; removed some small copy glitches, slight eq, balanced volumes, filled channel drop-outs. Not that it makes a great difference - perhaps one for the completists among you (you know who you are :-) 84 minutes, so burns to 2 discs.


Disc 1:
1. Aristillus,
2. Song Within a Song
3. The Great Marsh >
4. Rhayader >
5. Rhayader Goes to Town
6. Air Born
7. Chord Change
8. White Rider

Disc 2:
1. Lunar Sea
2. Preparation >
3. Dunkirk
4. Lady Fantasy
5. Homage to the God of Light

Andy Latimer; guitars, flute
Pete Bardens; keyboards
Doug Ferguson; bass
Andy Ward; drums