Camel - Paris (LDB Special Series #97)
Album info
Length  : 165:33
Format  : FLAC
Rating  : 6
Live  : Yes
Recording Date  : 10-09-1992
Track List
01 Never Let Go 07:18
02 Earthrise 08:34
03 Rhayader - Rhayader Goes to Town 07:49
04 Spirit of the Water 03:11
05 Unevensong 05:59
06 Echoes 08:31
07 Ice 10:13
08 City Life 04:55
09 Drafted 05:50
10 Dust and Dreams part 1 20:32
11 Dust and Dreams part 2 22:46
12 Dust and Dreams part 3 12:21
13 Sasquatch 06:32
14 Lady Fantasy 16:19
15 Go West 06:08
16 Spirit of the Water 08:07
17 Drafted 10:28

Recorded at Le Bataclan, Paris, France, and FNAC Ternes, Paris, France.
Very good audience recording (a bit bassy), the acoustic set is a little hissy.

From the info file:

LDB Special Series #97

Out of my 7,000+ shows and radio broadcasts, I have many concerts that were special for some reasons: the setlist, the musicians, the venue or unexpected events. These are the ones I'd like to propose you. Most of these come from my cassettes collection, so they will be released at a slower pace than my Master Series! But you won't be disappointed!
I will try to gather the most unusual things I have in my collection and, as always, your feedback and comments will be my reward for all the work involved in this project.

DO NOT share this music on mp3, just convert it for your own use. Sharing mp3's is the right way to make me stop sharing music here.

Paris, Le Bataclan
September 10, 1992

01.Never Let Go
03.Rhayader / Rhayader Goes to Town
04.Spirit of the Water
08.City Life
10.Dust and Dreams part 1
11.Dust and Dreams part 2
12.Dust and Dreams part 3
14.Lady Fantasy

Paris, FNAC Ternes
September 10, 1992
Acoustic free show

15.Go West
16.Spirit of the Water

Lineage: Sony DAT (unknown microphone) > 1st copy tape > Aiwa Tape Deck AD-WX828 > Audigy Soundblaster > HD > SoundForge 7.0 > CD Wave >FLAC Frontend (level 6)

Paul Burgess - drums
Colin Bass - bass, vocals
Andy Latimer - vocals, guitar, flute
Mickey Simmonds - keyboards

I attended this show but did not tape it. Actually it was my very first Camel show and possibly the best one I've ever seen.
This is a nice recording although not as optimal as one may expect from a DAT source. I would rate this as 8/10. The setlist is very much their best for a long time. This is the comeback tour after 8 years of absence. When I heard about this show I thought it was a joke because I had lost trace of Camel and never thought I would see them live. The band was in great shape and you could see how happy Andy Latimer was to be back on the road.