Camel - The Bottom Line, Nagoya, Japan
Album info
Length  : 162:27
Format  : FLAC
Rating  : 7
Live  : Yes
Recording Date  : 19-03-1997
Track List
The Bottom Line, Nagoya, Japan (Disc 1) 64:42
01 Lunar Sea 10:16
02 Hymn to Her 06:40
03 Rhayader 02:50
04 Rhayader Goes to Town 05:37
05 Preparation/Dunkirk 07:51
06 Drafted 04:41
07 Docks 04:01
08 Beached 03:59
09 Spirit of the Water 03:17
10 Ice 10:17
11 Sasquatch 05:13
The Bottom Line, Nagoya, Japan (Disc 2) 70:24
01 Milk'n Honey 03:53
02 Mother Road 03:55
03 Needles 03:46
04 Rose of Sharon 05:45
05 Introduction: Harbour of Tears 01:12
06 Irish Air 01:07
07 Irish Air (reprise) 02:32
08 Harbour of Tears 03:37
09 Cóbh 00:58
10 Send Home the Slates 04:26
11 Under the Moon 01:40
12 Watching the Bobbins 07:54
13 Eyes of Ireland 03:16
14 Running from Paradise 06:08
15 End of the Day 02:57
16 Coming of Age 07:57
17 The Hour Candle 09:21
The Bottom Line, Nagoya, Japan (Disc 3) 27:21
01 Announcement 01:25
02 Lady Fantasy 17:46
03 Never Let Go 08:10

Recorded at the Bottom Line, Nagoya, Japan. Excellent audience recording.

From the info file:

Camel Live At The Bottom Line
Nagoya, Japan
19 Mar 1997

I downloaded this great Camel show from the Harbour Of Tears tour from the Bootleg Archive hub and got in touch with the person spreading the recording on the hub and tried to find out something about the origin and the lineage, but without success.
All I can say is that it is a great sounding recording and my best guess would be it is either a very good audience recording with a very disciplined audience ;o) or a soundboard recording with some mics picking up audience sound. You hear clapping and yelling between the songs, and during the songs you don't hear anything from the audience.
I did not edit or remaster anything (the latter surely is not necessary).
You need a third CD for the encores (almost 25 minutes of music!), it doesn't fit on two CDs.

This is a great show, Camel really live up to their reputation of being a great live band. A complete Harbour Of Tears plus a great mixture of older classics also including some cuts from the Dust And Dreams album. The performance is as least equal to the 6 Apr 1997 Warsaw recording from the same tour which until now was the only one circulating. You can find the Warsaw boot here on DIME which is labelled as an FM broadcast. I think this recording from Nagoya has a more direct sound, it's a bit edgier, clearer.

So, this is due to my knowledge only the second recording from that tour surfacing. Enjoy!

Downloaded from dime in november 2007
Converted from ape to flac level 8 in january 2009

CD 1
Lunar Sea
Hymn to Her
Rhayader Goes to Town
Spirit of the Water

CD 2
Milk'n Honey
Mother Road
Rose of Sharon
Irish Air
Irish Air (reprise)
Harbour of Tears
Send Home the Slates
Under the Moon
Watching the Bobbins
Eyes of Ireland
Running from Paradise
End of the Day
Coming of Age
The Hour Candle

CD 3
Lady Fantasy
Never Let Go

band personnel
Foss Patterson: Keyboards
Colin Bass: Bass, Vocals
Dave Stewart : Drums
Andrew Latimer : Guitar, vocals