IQ - Offenbach
Album info
Length  : 134:16
Format  : FLAC
Rating  : 5
Live  : Yes
Recording Date  : 09-11-1997
Track List
01 Overture 03:40
02 Provider 01:27
03 Subterranea 05:40
04 Sleepless Incidental 06:14
05 Failsafe 08:53
06 Speak My Name 04:03
07 Tunnel Vision 07:23
08 Infernal Chorus 04:37
09 King Of Fools 02:15
10 The Sense In Sanity 04:59
11 State Of Mine 02:19
12 Laid Low 01:34
13 Breathtaker 05:51
14 Capricorn 05:07
15 The Other Side 02:37
16 Unsolid Ground 05:22
17 Somewhere In Time 07:06
18 High Waters 02:57
19 The Narrow Margin 20:16
20 Applause - Announcements 02:36
21 The Darkest Hour 12:54
22 The Wake 06:10
23 Awake And Nervous 10:16

Recorded at the MTW, Offenbach, Germany. Nice audience recording.

From the info file:

MTW, Offenbach, Germany
9 November 1997

CD-R discs, labeled '08.11.97' received in a trade > EAC (secure) > WAV > Adobe Audition (merging the 2 tracks and some small editing (see below) > CD Wave (Tracking) > TLH (FLAC & FFP files).

01 Overture
02 Provider
03 Subterranea
04 Sleepless Incidental
05 Failsafe
06 Speak My Name
07 Tunnel Vision
08 Infernal Chorus
09 King Of Fools
10 The Sense In Sanity
11 State Of Mine
12 Laid Low
13 Breathtaker
14 Capricorn
15 The Other Side
16 Unsolid Ground
17 Somewhere In Time
18 High Waters
19 The Narrow Margin
20 Applause - Announcements
21 The Darkest Hour
22 The Wake
23 Awake And Nervous

The discs I received were very strangely tracked, so I decided to re-track this recording. I ripped the discs using EAC (in secure mode, of course) with its 'IMG' option. During re-tracking, I noticed some flaws that I corrected with Adobe Audition. I didn't EQ or change the original sound in any way, I just merged the 2 WAV files and removed one duplicate section.

Track 01 (Overture):
The beginning is missing and the sound drops between approx. 25 and 30 seconds into the track.

Track 10 (The sense in Sanity):
There was a small repeating part at the beginning of this track, separated by a gap. I removed the duplicate part. Not a nanosecond of music was lost.

Track 16 (Unsolid Ground):
The original disc 1 ended at the beginning of this track, disc 2 continued. Unfortunately a very small part of music was lost here. I tried to remove the resulting gap, but the flow of the music was damaged, so I decided to just leave it in. Try singing along with the guitar and you'll notice that during the gap, the music silently goes on. ;)

Track 19 (The Narrow Margin):
There's a gap about 10 minutes into the track, but like track 16, it's actually a dropout. So I decided to leave this as it is.

The entire recording was sent to Malc from Collected Underground, who forwarded it to Peter Nicholls. Peter confirmed this was MTW Offenbach 9.11.97, but... he had a better version! The better version is (going to be) vined out at CU. This version will be for hardcore collectors only. :)