IQ - Jugling Cookie (MvD-056)
Album info
Length  : 133:13
Format  : FLAC
Rating  : 6
Live  : Yes
Recording Date  : 25-04-2009
Track List
Jugling Cookie (MvD-056) (Disc 1) 74:12
01 Intro 01:11
02 Frequency 08:30
03 Erosion 06:14
04 Chat Two Gifts 00:58
05 The Darkest Hour 11:13
06 Stronger Than Friction 10:05
07 Outer Limits 08:37
08 Sacred Sound 12:12
09 Chat Thank You 01:27
10 The Province 13:45
Jugling Cookie (MvD-056) (Disc 2) 59:01
01 Guiding Light 10:15
02 Closer 07:47
03 The Narrow Margin 21:32
04 Chat Happy Birthday Mike 01:19
05 It All Stops Here 09:25
06 Stomach Of An Animal 04:11
07 The Last Human Gateway (Middle Section) 04:32

Recorded at the Boerderij, Zoetermeer, Netherlands. Very good audience recording.

From the info file:

Artist: IQ
Title: Jugling Cookie
Date: 25 april 2009
Type: Audience
Tour: Frequency
Location: Zoetermeer, Boerderij, Netherlands
Rating: A+ (rated by taper)
Catalog: MVD-056

SOURCE 1: Church ST-11 Cards - Church pre-amp STC-9000 (high pass filter on) -
iRiver H340 (44.1 kHz) - HDD - FLAC
Recorded by Symfan

SOURCE 2: Zoom H2 - homemade microphone type 2009 - FLAC
SOURCE 3: Sony PCM-D50 - homemade microphone type 2009 - FLAC
Recorded by Ane


Disc 1
01 Introduction
02 Frequency
03 Erosion
04 -chat two gifts
05 The Darkest Hour
06 Stronger Than Friction
07 Outer Limits
08 Sacred Sound
09 The Province *

Disc 2
01 Guiding Light **
02 Closer
03 The Narrow Margin
04 -chat happy birthday Mike
05 It All Stops Here
06 Stomach of an Animal
07 The Last Human Gateway (middle section)

TOTAL TIME : 1:49:52

All tracks from Source 1 by Symfan exept
* Source 2 by Ane (recorded with Zoom H2)
** Source 3 by Ane (recorded with Sony PCM-D50)


Recorded live at de Boerderij, Zoetermeer, Netherlands
Date: 25 april 2009.
Recorded on iRiver H340 using Rockbox, r18339 build 080824.
Recording format: 44.1 Khz WAV
Microphone: Church ST-11 Cardiods with STC-9000 preamp, high pass filter on
Location: Right of stage, 5 mtrs from right speakerstack
Sound enhancement with Soundforge 7.0 / Adobe 2.0
Sound editing with CD Wave editor
Flacs created with FLAC frontend 1.7.1 (level 7)


Paul Cook: drums
Michael Holmes: guitars
John Jowitt: bass
Peter Nicholls: voice
Mark Westworth: keyboards


I was standing to the right of the the stage, about 5 meters away form the right stack.
Sound was good and not too loud (never louder than 100 dB).

This recording had a problem. I noticed the recording volume dropping and only 20 minutes later I realised what the problem was. The battery from my pre-amp died during the show.
De Boerderij has a dB meter above the stage and that was pretty constant at 97 dB max, so I concluded the problem was my gear. As soon as I realised what was wrong I connected the mics directly to the iRiver. But two songs are damaged. So I thought I had to cut them from this release. Pity, because the rest of the recording is pretty good. And IQ do only a few shows nowadays. No second chance for this one... at least, that's what I thought.

But then there was Ane's recording that popped up on DIME just before releasing my version.
His version misses the two encores and mine two songs in the middle. I contacted him and asked if I could use his recording to make one complete set. He agreed and so I proudly present a combined version of our two sources. Ane's recording is clear with more high frequencies, so there is a difference. But songs are in the correct order and it's the full show!

For the Symfan source I corrected volume levels where needed, and added some 'air' by tweaking the high frequencies a bit. Bass was reduced to correct a booming sound.
For Ane's recording I used his two songs and combined them with my files, making transitions with adobe. Then I evened out the whole recording to get the sound balanced.
After the correction, tracks were split at sector boundaries.
Flacs are tagged for convenient playback on compatible systems.

IQ is promoting their new album Frequency, that is released on april 28th. The special edition was available at the gig, and all the supplies they brought along were sold out!
They delivered a fine set, covering most of their albums. It was very good to see Paul Cook returning behind the drums. He brings the power! And he juggled with toy bears that were thrown to him from the audience (hence the title). They were celebrating Mike's upcoming 50th birthday, so everybody sang him a birthday song.
The crowd was very enthousiastic and De Boerderij was nearly sold out. The 700 souls were presented a strong set, with beautiful new songs. It was not a perfect show in terms of performance, but IQ still is a prog band that shines and sparkles with energy on stage.
I hope they will keep this up for a long time to come.

Artwork is included in the Torrent release. I took the photo's myself.

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Prepared by symfan.
Many thanks to Ane for letting me use his source to present a complete set!

april, 2009