IQ - Terror in Tonypandy
Album info
Length  : 74:07
Format  : FLAC
Rating  : 6
Live  : Yes
Recording Date  : 07-04-1984
Track List
01 Awake and Nervous 07:51
02 It All Stops Here 07:34
03 Just Changing Hands 05:59
04 The Last Human Gateway 19:52
05 Oh Shit Me (i.e. Through the Corridors) 03:14
06 The Enemy Smacks 16:00
07 White Punks on Dope (Tubes) 05:31
08 School's Out (Alice Cooper) 04:12
09 Suffragette City (Bowie) 03:54

Recorded at the Royal Naval Hall, Tonypandy, Wales. Very good audience recording.
FLAC files received in trade.

From the info file:

Terror in Tonypandy (IQFans-003)
Royal Naval Hall,
Tonypandy, Wales
7 April 1984

Audience recording: A-
Approx. duration: 75 mins.
Design and artwork by Frederic Cermelj (TIM)

Awake and Nervous
It All Stops Here
Just Changing Hands
The Last Human Gateway
Oh Shit Me (i.e. Through the Corridors)
The Enemy Smacks; White Punks on Dope (Tubes)
School’s Out (Alice Cooper)
Suffragette City (Bowie)

Notes on the Recording:
Original recording from second generation tape owned by Frederic of the IQ Museum. Further enhanced by Randy B. using Terratic Sound Rescue 2.0, decrackled and dehissed, with an increase in the bass end and a decrease in overall volume. Audio converted to .wav files using EAC, converted to FLAC, burned with NERO and then vined to Collected Underground in March of 2005.

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