IQ - Bristol Bierkeller
Album info
Length  : 130:13
Format  : FLAC
Rating  : 6
Live  : Yes
Recording Date  : 07-06-1989
Track List
Bristol Bierkeller (Disc 1) 67:43
01 War Heroes 06:30
02 Drive On 04:56
03 Nomzamo 06:54
04 Wurensh 09:50
05 Sold On You 05:35
06 Through My Fingers 06:14
07 Still Life 05:15
08 Oldies' Medley 14:53
09 Passing Strangers 04:29
10 The 1,000 Days 03:07
Bristol Bierkeller (Disc 2) 62:30
01 Human Nature 09:48
02 Nothing At All 05:35
03 Wiggle 01:07
04 Common Ground 07:32
05 Promises 07:18
06 No Love Lost 06:16
07 Soundcheck 24:54

Recorded at the Bierkeller, Bristol, UK. Very good audience recording.
FLAC files received in trade.

From the info file:

1989 was a kind of critical year for IQ. It started in the best way for the band who played around Europe as supporting act of Mike & The Mechanics and ended in the worst way being reduced as a three members only (And Then There Were Three...) with little future ahead.
But it was also a year when the band reached a certain peak in the live performances. And I guess that the peak was reached during the short UK tour in June 1989. Just a few dates but with an interesting setlist. Bristol was probably the best date.

Here it is the full show with some 25 minutes soundcheck.

Bristol, Bierkeller
7 June 1989

War Heroes
Drive On
Sold On You
Through My Fingers /
Still Life
Oldies' Medley:
- The Last Human Getaway
- Outer Limits
- It All Stops Here
- The Enemy Smacks
Passing Strangers /
The 1,000 Days

Human Nature
Nothing At All
Common Ground
No Love Lost
Soundcheck (25 minutes)

Sound quality: 8+ out of 10

The gig was special because it included a version of Wiggle that Paul Menel accepted to sing, although that it has always been a track belonging to the early days. Plus, the oldies' medley was interesting but this is really what caused the beginning of the end. Menel did not want to sing The Enemy Smacks because he did not feel comfortable with it (quite understandable, though) but the band forced him to do so. Tim Esau was reluctant to play the old material and wanted the band to move definetly to a new direction. But the rest of the band thought that all the material should have equal visibility during live shows, even the oldest tracks. It was clear that the two parties could not reach an agreement, that's why in July Paul and Tim resigned from the band.

I've listened to some of the demos IQ did around that time (still unreleased), and also some of the paul & tim material after leaving IQ and all I can tell is that it was even a more commercial direction which at some point the other guys could not accept anymore.