IQ - Live in Tring
Album info
Length  : 104:10
Format  : FLAC
Rating  : 6
Live  : Yes
Recording Date  : 30-09-1995
Track List
Live in Tring (Disc 1) 55:45
01 Intro 02:48
02 The Wake 03:46
03 Awake and Nervous 08:37
04 Fading senses 05:32
05 Out of Nowhere 05:32
06 Nostalgia/Falling Apart at the Seams 10:38
07 Untitled (Bra Time for beginners?) 06:59
08 Outer Limits 06:20
09 War Heroes - Nothing at All 05:33
Live in Tring (Disc 2) 48:25
01 Early Bit of Narrow Margin into Darkest Hour 13:30
02 Leap of Faith 07:25
03 Corners 06:27
04 Headlong 07:32
05 Breathtaker - Gateway End Section 09:10
06 Gateway Middle 04:21

Recorded at the Court Theatre, Pendley, Tring, UK. Very good audience recording.
FLAC files received in trade.

From the info file:

Live in Tring
Court Theatre
Pendley, Tring
30 Sept. 1995
Audience recording
Approx. duration: 104 mins.

CD One (55:44 mins.)

The Wake
Awake and Nervous
Fading senses
Out of Nowhere
Nostalgia/Falling Apart at the Seams
Untitled (Bra Time for beginners?)
Outer Limits
War Heroes/Nothing at All

CD Two (48:24 mins.)

Early Bit of Narrow Margin into Darkest Hour
Leap of Faith
Breathtaker / Gateway End Section
Gateway Middle

Show Info:

Thanks to Richard Finch for donating this show to CU.
This recording was sent to me a while ago by Malc and finally vined out in January 2007 to Collected Underground. It's a great show with some roto-versions of pieces that ended up on Subterranea and a great version of Corners. Bra Time For Beginners also makes an appearance. This song title was given by Mike Holmes and it never ended up on any album at all. Maybe one day on a Lost Attic Volume 2?

Enjoy the show.
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