Camel - Torino (LDB Master Series #162)
Album info
Length  : 134:04
Format  : FLAC
Rating  : 6
Live  : Yes
Recording Date  : 18-09-2000
Track List
01 Three Wishes 07:22
02 Echoes 08:20
03 Nimrodel - The White Rider 09:24
04 Song Within A Song 08:04
05 Chord Change 09:10
06 Watching The Bobbins 07:18
07 The Hour Candle 07:43
08 Refugee 06:33
09 Fingertips 06:03
10 Band Introduction 02:47
11 Slow Yourself Down 05:37
12 Last Eyes of Ireland 04:25
13 Send Home The Slates 03:04
14 Rajaz 09:31
15 Sahara 07:22
16 Mother Road 04:36
17 Little Rivers 02:20
18 Hopeless Anger 05:56
19 Lady Fantasy 18:29

Recorded at the Hiroshima, Torino, Italy. Great audience recording.

From the info file:


Hello, 2008 is almost over so i thought I would make a kind of summary of the last decade and select those shows I taped over the 1997-2008 period which I enjoyed most and then make a personal Top 20 ranking. These shows (except for those that cannot be uploaded on DIME because they are not compliant) will be seeded here from now till the end of the year. Believe me, all of them were top quality and it was not easy to do a proper ranking. As always, they will span from rock to brazilian music, to jazz, progressive and pop. You will see here a mix of shows already seeded in my Master Series but deleted since a long time, some others still on the tracker and some uncirculated shows you've never seen in the trading circuit or here on DIME. It's going to be some fun, gents. They are all from my masters.

#20 - PAT METHENY GROUP: Milano, Mazda Palace - June 21, 2005
#19 - SIGUR ROS: Castellazzo di Bollate, Villa Arconati - June 25, 2003
#18 - JAN GARBAREK: Milano, Auditorium di Milano - May 19, 2003
#17 - PREMIATA FORNERIA MARCONI (PFM): Firenze, Saschall - January 13, 2004
#16 - COLDPLAY: Milano, Alcatraz - November 7, 2000
#15 - SIMPLE MINDS: Milano, Alcatraz - March 23, 2006
#14 - RETURN TO FOREVER: Paris, Olympia - July 8, 2008

Ready to go? Here we go with #13...

LDB Master Series #162

Hello, this is a collection of masters I would like to seed here. I've been taping shows for more than 20 years and have an awful lot of masters. Most of them are in the old cassette format, some others are on MiniDisc and others are on CD. I've taped many shows of many artists over the years, so don't be surprised if you will find many different artists taped! Some shows are already circulating, some others have not circulated through collectors yet. But most of all, enjoy!
They all come from my masters!

DO NOT share this music on mp3, just convert it for your own use. Sharing mp3's is the right way to make me stop sharing music here.

Torino, Hiroshima
September 18, 2000

1.Three Wishes
3.Nimrodel / The White Rider
4.Song Within A Song
5.Chord Change
6.Watching The Bobbins
7.The Hour Candle
10.Band Introduction
11.Slow Yourself Down
12.Last Eyes of Ireland
13.Send Home The Slates
16.Mother Road
17.Little Rivers
18.Hopeless Anger
19.Lady Fantasy

Lineage: Aiwa microphone CM-DS6 > Sony Net MD MZ-N910 > Audiophile 2496 Soundblaster > HD > SoundForge 7.0 > CD Wave > FLAC Frontend (level 6)

Andy Latimer - vocals, guitar, flute
Colin Bass - vocals, bass
Guy LeBlanc - keyboards
Denis Clement - drums, percussions

There was a show from Cossato dated 1973 posted some days ago. That marked the last visit of the Camel to Italy untill finally in 2000 Turin was included as the only italian date. After that, no other shows were ever played here. A real pity because the show was great and the venue packed. Colin tried to introduce some songs in italian because he knows the language well enough. The setlist was a mix of old and new material with the obvious peak in Song Within A Song and Lady Fantasy. Overall, a great show