Eloy - Ra - Ahlen, Germany
Album info
Length  : 55:53
Format  : DVD
Rating  : 7
Live  : Yes
Recording Date  : 20-03-1988
Track List
01 Menus 00:01
02 Main Movie 55:52

Recorded at the 'Rock On' Festival, Ahlen, Germany. Very good recording, taken from a VHS recorded from a TV broadcast. Sometimes the age of the recording (tape) shows a bit.

From the info file:

In 1988 ( 3 years after the split of the band) Frank Bornemann, the mastermind of ELOY, and Michael Gerlach, the keyboarder decided to release a new album called 'Ra', just for fun.
They sell 60.000 pieces of the 'RA' album, a lot for a German band where nobodie knows, that there still living.
Normally is that the time to start a tour to perform the new album, but there is no lineup for a liveband.
Only at one time Frank Bornemann can`t say no. ELOY performed the complete RA album at a Rock Festival in the German town Ahlen, on March 2d in 1988.
The lineup was Frank Bornemann, Michael Gerlach and the studio musicians from the RA album. But they are only able to play the RA songs.

A private German Television Channel recorded the full show and they broadcasted it a few days later in the night (only a few guys saw it on TV).

This is the full Eloy performance including a interview. The interview is incomplete.

Running time is ca. 55 minutes.

Voyager of the future race
Invasion of a megaforce

Artwork is includes