Eloy - Bonn Underground
Album info
Length  : 96:43
Format  : FLAC
Rating  : 6
Live  : Yes
Recording Date  : 29-03-1975
Track List
01 Inside 07:07
02 Castle In The Air 07:29
03 The Light From Deep Darkness 16:36
04 Plastic Girl 09:33
05 Land Of No Body 26:43
06 Unknown 11:06
07 Junior's Wailing 06:57
08 Unknown 11:12

Recorded at the Underground Club, Bonn, Germany. Very good audience recording of a great gig. Track 7 is a cover of the classic Steamhammer tune 'Junior's Wailing'.

From the info file:

Eloy Bonn Underground 1975-03-29

the last days I made a fresh 24bit transfer from a cassette labelled Bonn 1974.
After some research in the internet I found a page www.krautrockseite.de which had some scans of programmes from the underground club.
This is were I got the date from. see jpg in this torrent.
The date is not confirmed, it could be a 1974 recording either.
The recording has, like most other early Eloy recordings, some unreleased tracks (maybe sessions)

line-age: audience cassette (2nd gen) with azimuth correction, no dolby -> 24bit wavelab with waves EQs -> wav 16bit -> flac frontend

in the remastering process I added some EQ, because the sound was very muffled.


01 inside 7:07
02 castle in the air 7:29
03 the light from deep darkness 16:36
04 plastic girl 9:33
05 land of no body (incl. organ solo) 26:42
06 unknown 11:06
07 unknown 6:56
08 unknown 11:12

have fun and do not convert to mp3