IQ - Nine Tins Of Chunky (CRAPIQ06)
Album info
Length  : 71:39
Format  : FLAC
Rating  : 6
Live  : Yes
Recording Date  : 31-07-1983
Track List
01 Awake & Nervous 07:45
02 It All Stops Here 07:42
03 Dans Le Parc Du Chateau Noir 07:28
04 The Last Human Gateway 18:49
05 Oh Shit Me! 03:34
06 Intelligence Quotient 07:28
07 The Enemy Smacks 15:41
08 Stomach Of Animal 03:12

Recorded at Dukes, Ipswich, UK. Very good audience recording.

From the info file:

'Nine Tins Of Chunky'
Ipswich Dukes
31st July 1983
Audience Recording - B

First generation tape (TDK D90) - Aiwa AD-F800 - Traxdata CD Audio burner
EAC to WAV to FLAC via Flac FrontEnd

Line up

Peter Nicholls - Vocals
Mike Holmes - Guitar
Tim Esua - Bass
Martin Orford - Keys, BVs
Paul Cook - Drums

CD - 71'40'
1. Awake & Nervous -7'45'
2. It All Stops Here - 7'42'
3. Dans Le Parc Du Chateau Noir - 7'27'
4. The Last Human Gateway - 18'49'
5. Oh Shit Me! - 3'34'
6. Intelligence Quotient - 7'28'
7. The Enemy Smacks - 15'41'
8. Stomach Of Animal - 3'12'

I created and shared these files some 5 years ago as part of a 32 show IQ series from the early 80's and on noticing how poor my share ratio has become decided to put some of these on here in the hope that it may make a difference! :-)

I'm sure lots of people may have these already but you never know! I've searched the dead torrents and can't see that they have been here before - apologies to the moderators if that's not the case.

I attach below the original comments I made at the time. Some art was created for this series after it was launched and I've added it.
Captain Ransid - July09


This is a direct transfer from 21 year old first generation recording on a good old TDK D90. I obtained this from a reliable source at the time. Dolby noise reduction was used in the intial transfer but, given the quality of the tape, tape hiss is still present, but not overly so.

The transfer was from tape deck (Aiwa AD-F800) to Audio CD recorder, then EAC to WAV to NERO to FLAC.

This is an average relatively early audience recording which I'd rate as a B.

A fairly standard mid-83 set, with the manic stomach as an encore. This is however the earliest live recording I have of the complete 'Gateway', earlier recordings
only having the first section.

The title flows from the discover of a rather odd shopping list that day on Great Yarmouth beach .... and some looves! (The eagle eyed amongst you will spot where this title raised it's head again at a future point!)

Captain Ransid - Sep 04