IQ - In The Slipsteam (CRAPIQ19)
Album info
Length  : 96:50
Format  : FLAC
Rating  : 7
Live  : Yes
Recording Date  : 26-04-1984
Track List
In The Slipsteam (CRAPIQ19) (Disc 1) 54:59
01 Intro 01:29
02 Awake And Nervous 08:29
03 Fascination 08:24
04 Organ solo from Martin! 01:53
05 Wiggle 05:06
06 Widows Peak 09:03
07 Barbell Is In 05:40
08 The Enemy Smacks 14:55
In The Slipsteam (CRAPIQ19) (Disc 2) 41:51
01 Through The Corridors (Oh Shit Me) 04:18
02 It All Stops Here 09:53
03 The Last Human Gateway 22:47
04 Count Your Blessings 04:53

Recorded at the Marquee, London. Great audience recording.

From the info file:

'In The Slipsteam'
Marquee, London
26th April 1984
Audience Recording - B+

Lineage (I think!)

Ross RE-535 - Sony Recording Walkman - TDK AD120 - Aiwa AD-F800 - Traxdata CD Audio burner
EAC to WAV to FLAC via Flac FrontEnd

Line up

Peter Nicholls - Vocals
Mike Holmes - Guitar
Tim Esua - Bass
Martin Orford - Keys, BVs
Paul Cook - Drums

CD1 - 55'01'
1. Intro - 01'29'
2. Awake And Nervous - 08'29'
3. Fascination - 08'24'
4. Organ solo from Martin! - 01'53'
5. Wiggle - 05'06'
6. Widows Peak - 09'03'
7. Barbell Is In - 05'40'
8. The Enemy Smacks - 14'55'

CD2 - 41'51'
1. Through The Corridors (Oh Shit Me) - 4'18'
2. It All Stops Here - 9'53'
3. The Last Human Gateway - 22'47'
4. Count Your Blessings - 4'53'

I created and shared these files some 5 years ago as part of a 32 show IQ series from the early 80's and on noticing how poor my share ratio on Dime had become decided to put some of these up on Dime in the hope that it might make a difference! :-)

I'm sure lots of people may have these already but you never know! I've searched the dead torrents and can't see that they have been on Dime before - apologies to the moderators if that's not the case.

I attach below the original comments I made at the time. Some art was created for this series after it was launched and I've added it.
Captain Ransid - August 09


This is a direct transfer from 20 year old master recording on a good old TDK AD120, using a Sony Recording Walkman and seperate Stereo mic. The transfer was from tape deck (Aiwa AD-F800) to Audio CD recorder, then EAC to WAV to FLAC.

The recording is quite quiet and thus tape hiss is fairly prominent, but not disasterously so.

The show was plagued with equipment problems including Tim Esau breaking 2 bass strings and resorting to a borrowed bass from the support band (The Host). A long segment of CD1 is taken up by this problem resorting in a short Organ solo from Martin and a rendition of the infamous 'Wiggle'.

Fascination was returned to the set after some absence and there was a change in that The Enemy was moved to mid set from being the 'traditional' set closer.

IQ played a number of Marquee headlines during 1984 and included a cover as one of the encores for most of them - this night was no different with a very prog rendition of Bing Crosby's Count Your Blessings being the choice.

Captain Ransid
September 2004

FLAC Fingerprints
IQ.Marquee26.4.84 d1t01.flac:f88dff18be93385256b136687343527c
IQ.Marquee26.4.84 d1t02.flac:29997b9855b3889f398102dec4d2f366
IQ.Marquee26.4.84 d1t03.flac:4cecefed261568f22a56309f42a57143
IQ.Marquee26.4.84 d1t04.flac:0feaf87f827b297cf8cd57d2db0c7457
IQ.Marquee26.4.84 d1t05.flac:c06a04118f2a14fb36b6b78411daa014
IQ.Marquee26.4.84 d1t06.flac:660f819632e05dbb2209769e83f5c9f4
IQ.Marquee26.4.84 d1t07.flac:e8535c6954355e828b6ba42253b2b1c4
IQ.Marquee26.4.84 d1t08.flac:a4ae0caf3891360e5408de144e3abe38
IQ.Marquee26.4.84 d2t01.flac:4ddf08091308a0ebeb0d5b84d19c41ad
IQ.Marquee26.4.84 d2t02.flac:085f450477a74b300d24478ba6052d2d
IQ.Marquee26.4.84 d2t03.flac:c5473f854e5c547a3247c3f73a4cccad
IQ.Marquee26.4.84 d2t04.flac:682546f4b4ab3748a7926eb247ef751a

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