Eloy - Live In Hamburg
Album info
Length  : 70:39
Format  : FLAC
Rating  : 6
Live  : Yes
Recording Date  : 15-03-1977
Track List
01 Unknown 05:06
02 Journey Into 1358 03:06
03 Mutiny 09:25
04 Awakening - Between The Times 13:11
05 Sun Song 05:35
06 The Dance In Doubt And Fear 08:02
07 Gliding Into Light And Knowledge 03:59
08 Le Reveil Du Soleil 10:37
09 Unknown (Track 1 - Reprise) 03:35
10 Inside 08:03

Recorded at the Musikhalle, Hamburg, Germany. Very good audience recording. Note that the date and venue in the original info file turned out to be wrong, when a ticket stub appeared giving the correct info.

From the info file:

Eloy live in Hamburg, Markthalle
25th of March 1977

Lineage: CDR received in a trade > EAC > flac
Audience recording

2.journey into 1358
4.awakening / between the times
5.sun song
6.the dance in doubt and fear
7.gliding into light and knowledge
8.le reveil du soleil
9.unknown (same song as track 1!)

maybe not complete

It seems that smoking was forbidden in the Markthalle.
You can hear someone in 2 track saying 'Machst du bitte die Zigarette aus... und dein Nebenmann da auch'