HAiR - HAiR In Holland 1998
Album info
Length  : 52:50
Format  : DVD
Rating  : 7
Live  :
Recording Date  : 1998
Track List
01 Menu 00:01
02 Main Movie 52:49

Compilation of 2 Dutch TV broadcasts. Great quality.

From the info file:

HAiR in Holland 1998
Footage from Dutch TV

Lineage: TV broadcast > VCR (Mitsubishi) > VHS (BASF) > VCR (JVC HR-S7000) > DVR (Sony RDR-HX725) > DVD-RW > DVD-Lab

29 August 1998
Uitmarkt, Dam, Amsterdam

The cast that was about to tour the Netherlands performed live and gave some kind of 'teaser' of the show.
Songs performed:
- Hair
- I Got Life
- Aquarius
- Let The Sunshine In

2 September 1998
Catherine TV Show, probably in the RTL TV studio, Hilversum

The same cast was a guest in this talk show hosted by Catherine Keijl.
The entire show is quite amusing, pretty interesting sometimes, but also a bit 'standard' if you know what I mean. For instance, there's a discussion with someone who's against HAiR. I get the feeling they hired the guy just to say he was against HAiR and to get a discussion going.
But there's also some footage from the original Dutch production (1970) and some original cast members have their say, which is very interesting. Also, James Rado makes a small appearance.
Obviously, this is all in Dutch.
Songs performed:
- Aquarius (at the beginning of the show)
- Let The Sunshine In (at the end of the show)

~LTE April 2009