Camel - Hala Wisly
Album info
Length  : 51:09
Format  : FLAC
Rating  : 7
Live  : Yes
Recording Date  : 05-04-1997
Track List
01 Irish Air 01:44
02 Irish Air (instr.) 02:24
03 Harbour Of Tears 03:45
04 Cobh 00:48
05 Send Home The Slates 04:33
06 Under The Moon 01:44
07 Watching The Bobbins 08:06
08 Eyes Of Ireland 03:29
09 Running From Paradise 06:01
10 End Of The Day 03:01
11 Coming Of Age 07:45
12 The Hour Candle 07:49

Recorded at the Hala Wisly, Krakow, Poland. Recorded from a radio broadcast, excellent SQ. This is probably not the entire broadcast, since I have 'Lady Fantasy' from this gig as a bonus track on 'Live in Poland '97', which sounds like it was recorded from a radio broadcast as well.

From the info file:

05. April 1997
Krakow, Poland
'Hala Wisly'

FM>?>CDR>CDR got in a trade>EAC>HD>FLAC, Level 8 with TLH>CDR (AUDIO) or CDR (FLAC)

Irish Air
Irish Air (instr.)
Habour Of Tears
Send Home The Slaters
Under The Moon
Watching The Bobbins/FM-DJ announcement
Eyes Of Ireland
Running From Paradise
End Of The Day
Coming Of Age
The Hour Candle