Machine, The - The Hammers Are Still Marching in Raleigh
Album info
Length  : 148:50
Format  : 2 DVD
Rating  : 6
Live  : Yes
Recording Date  : 13-01-2010
Track List
The Hammers Are Still Marching in Raleigh (Disc 1) 54:34
01 Menus 10:45
02 Main Movie 43:49
The Hammers Are Still Marching in Raleigh (Disc 2) 94:16
01 Menus 12:25
02 Main Movie 81:51

Recorded at the Lincoln Theatre, Raleigh, NC, USA. Very good audience recording.

From the info file:

The Machine - Live at Lincoln Theatre
Saturday January 13, 2010

Recorded by - Brett Bumgarner [14pinkfloyd](Back To The Wall Productions)DVD-001

Lineage - Samsung BL103 [set to High Quality video] - Toshiba Movie Factory - DVD - you - =)

This was recorded Mono. I sat just up stairs, tried to get the center of the place
with arms on rails to keep steady.Some people kept getting in my way, so Every once
in a while a person may step in the way. When this occurred i tried to elevate the
camera to keep a clear line of sight. The band did a Super fantastic job of rocking
this album out. They Always Rock Out! If these guys come within a few hours drive
of you, It Would Be Worth Your Wild to GO to any show they do!

No clean-up of Any Kind has been done. Do as You please. =)


Scott Chasolen - Synthesizers, Fender Rhodes, Organ & Backing Vocals
Joe Pascarell - Lead Guitar, Lead Vocals
Todd Cohen - Drums
Ryan Bell - Bass, Acoustic Guitars & Backing Vocals

'The Hammers Are Still Marching In Raliegh'

Set list

First half -

The Wall (disc 1)

Second half -

The Wall (disc 2)

Encores -

1. Echoes (first half)
2. Welcome To the Machine
3. Astronomy Domine