IQ - Alive A Little More (DP2004-014)
Album info
Length  : 70:46
Format  : SHN
Rating  : 6
Live  : Yes
Recording Date  : 22-02-1990
Track List
01 Outer Limits 07:12
02 Widow's Peak 09:12
03 The Last Human Gateway 19:58
04 The Wake 03:58
05 The Last Human Gateway (Reprise) 00:15
06 Headlong 04:40
07 The Enemy Smacks 16:54
08 Awake And Nervous 08:37

Recorded at La Cigale, Paris, France. Very good audience recording.

From the info file:

IQ - La Cigale, Paris, France, February 22nd 1990

'Alive a little more' - DP2004-014

01. Outer limits
02. Widow's peak
03. The last human gateway
04. The wake
05. The last human gateway (reprise)
06. Headlong
07. The enemy smacks
08. Awake and nervous

In 1989, financial troubles at IQ's record label Squawk led them to drop the band.
Vocalist Paul Menel and bass player Tim Esau decided to leave the band, and the remaining members put things on hold for a while.
Martin Orford joined Jadis........ many thought IQ was over.
However, on January 6th 1990 the band did a one-off show at the Marquee Club in London, featuring Martin on lead vocals and Les 'Ledge' Marshall on bass.
For the encores, original vocalist Peter Nicholls rejoined the band once more, much to the delight of a very surprised audience.
Following this, the band were offered a support slot for Magma's show in Paris on February 22nd.
This was to be IQ's very last show, were it not for Ledge's unexpected death, which made Peter, Mike, Paul and Martin decide to keep IQ going. John Jowitt joined the band in 1991, and the rest, as they say, is history !

Remastered from a low generation copy of the original analog audience recording using Sonic Foundry Sound Forge 7.0, Steinberg FreeFilter 1.1 and various other plugins.
Enjoy !

Remaster, SHN, artwork and torrent by DocProg (November 13-14 2004)

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