Muse - Rock Am Ring 2004 (MBDVD005)
Album info
Length  : 58:05
Format  : DVD
Rating  : 8
Live  : Yes
Recording Date  : 05-06-2004
Track List
01 Menus 01:21
02 Main Movie 56:44

Recorded at Rock Am Ring, Nürburgring, Nürburg, Germany. Great recording, taken from a TV broadcast. Too bad the lossless audio got lost in the authoring process, but still, this is a great DVD.

From the info file:

MBDVD005 - Rock AM Ring 2004

Date: 5th June 2004
Venue: Nürburgring (Rock am Ring)
City: Nürburg
Country: Germany

Taper: Unknown
Authored: paul_nicko

Lineage: Unknown (DVD Standalone?) > ? > DVD > eBay > Me > DVD Decrypter > VideoReDo > DVD Lab Pro 2.5

Video: A+
Audio: A+

01 - Stockholm Syndrome
02 - New Born
03 - The Small Print
04 - Muscle Museum
05 - Hysteria
06 - Citizen Erased
07 - Sunburn
08 - Butterflies & Hurricanes
09 - Bliss
10 - Time is Running Out
11 - Plug in Baby



Tapers Notes:
Many thanks to the original taper, you done a great job! I bought this off eBay in 2004, it is by far the best quality and most complete version of Rock AM Ring 2004 around. Boo to the seller on eBay, considering it was relatively cheap I didn't really mind - liberated by me.

Not much work had to go into this one thankfully, demuxed the streams using VideoReDo upmixed the audio to DTS then authored the DVD using DVD Lab Pro. The audio on the original DVD was PCM wav at a wopping 1536kbps (623mb of audio), clearly this had been bloated in the original conversion. To avoid an 'audio mismatch' I had to transcode the audio to MP2 for Audio Track 1, Track 2 is DTS.

Thanks to Benitez for the artwork :)