IQ - Live In Zoetermeer
Album info
Length  : 139:06
Format  : FLAC
Rating  : 6
Live  : Yes
Recording Date  : 19-06-2010
Track List
01 Outer Limits 09:45
02 The Wake 05:29
03 The Magic Roundabout 06:44
04 Corners 05:24
05 Widow's Peak 09:51
06 The Thousand Days 03:51
07 Headlong 09:27
08 Frequency 10:01
09 Sacred Sound 11:59
10 Red Dust Shadow 06:18
11 Leap Of Faith - Came Down 13:09
12 The Seventh House 18:27
13 Infernal Chorus 05:45
14 The Darkest Hour 13:00
15 Failsafe 09:56

Recorded at De Boerderij, Zoetermeer, The Netherlands. Very good audience recording.

From the info file:

19 June 2010
De Boerderij, Zoetermeer, Netherlands

Set 1 (The Wake)

1. Outer Limits
2. The Wake
3. The Magic Roundabout
4. Corners
5. Widow's Peak
6. The Thousand Days
7. Headlong

Set 2

8. Frequency
9. Sacred Sound
10. Red Dust Shadow
11. Leap Of Faith / Came Down
12. The Seventh House


13. Infernal Chorus
14. The Darkest Hour
15. Failsafe

Lineage: audience (6 m from stage, 3 m right from centre) > Aiwa stereo mic > M-Audio Microtrack II > WAV 44.1/16 > CoolEditPro (limits during applause, normalized) > CD Wave (split WAV into tracks) > JetAudio (convert to FLAC8) > FLAC

Testing my new Microtrack II equipment. Saving directly to WAV on a flash memory card sounded very interesting. (Besides 44.1 kHz/16 bit, also 24/96 is possible, but for an audience recording I think that would be overkill.) The test really was whether the battery would hold it throughout the long set IQ were about to play. No worries there: it was not yet (but almost) dead when the band finished the encore.

It was very crowded and I couldn't get closer to the stage than the 6 meters. This is audible, as it makes the sound a bit hollow. Vocals turned out pretty well, and you can hear all instruments. Just not the best recording I've done.

Another point is that several people nearby were talking and I didn't have a chance to move around.

The show:
I've not been the biggest IQ fan. I loved the first two albums, lost interest due to Ever (completely disregarding the Paul Menel era), but re-found interest thanks to Dark Matter. Haven't heard Frequency yet. So, the setlist after the Wake set was not the best for me. Had fun, though, but this show is not a keeper for me. Before I delete it, I wanted you to have a chance to listen for yourself, so enjoy.

The recording:
I didn't do a lot, because it is not the most interesting show for me. I brought the limits down during the applause, normalized the whole recording, added a fade-in at the start and fade-out at the end, and split the file into tracks. I split the tracks the way I prefer it: track starts when the song or its introduction starts. This means the crowd noise (never in a separate track on its own) is stuck at the end of the previous track.

If you want to split the show to fit on CD, it's possible to do it on a 2CD set. Between Sacred Sound and Red Dust Shadow, Peter is talking. Right before I let the track for Red Dust Shadow start there are some silent bits where a short fade-out and fade-in would fit. But this is totally up to you of course.