Pendragon - 72nd UK Regiment Joins the Field
Album info
Length  : 124:21
Format  : FLAC
Rating  : 6
Live  : Yes
Recording Date  : 30-04-2010
Track List
72nd UK Regiment Joins the Field (Disc 1) 64:21
01 Indigo 16:57
02 Eraserhead 10:38
03 Paintbox 07:43
04 If I Were the Wind 11:14
05 Comatose 17:49
72nd UK Regiment Joins the Field (Disc 2) 59:60
01 The Freak Show 06:28
02 The Last Man on Earth 15:14
03 Nostradamus 04:15
04 Breaking the Spell 09:07
05 It's Only Me 10:56
06 Master of Illusion 14:00

Recorded at the Majestic Theater, Gettysburg, PA, USA. Very good audience recording.

From the info file:

Artist: Pendragon
Title: 72nd UK Regiment Joins the Field
Date: 2010-04-30
City/State: Gettysburg, PA
Country: United States
Venue: The Majestic Theater
Taped By: N. Andreas
Catalog: Nickeh Productions 115

Format: FLAC
Discs: 2CD

Lineage: CA-14>Tascam DR-07

Disc One
1. Indigo (16:57)
2. Eraserhead (10:38)
3. Paintbox (7:43)
4. If I Were the Wind (11:14)
5. Comatose (17:49)

Disc Two
1. The Freak Show (6:28)
2. The Last Man on Earth (15:14)
3. Nostradamus (4:15)
4. Breaking the Spell (9:07)
5. It's Only Me (10:56)
6. Master of Illusion (14:00)

After having attended NEARfest twice now, when Pendragon was announced for RoSfest '10 I was quite excited to know I'd be checking out a similar festival. After a two and a half hour drive, and a day spent touring the historic sites I was not at all disapointed in the band, theater, or festival. It really is amazing what the origanizes of these things accomplish every year, and I think I helped out by personally financing the band's trip back to England with my merch booth spending!

Despite the venue having excellent sound the recording is not overly great because I ran the levels a little too hot. Additional problems include my Battery Box battery seeming to die a bit as the concert goes on, and occasionally losing full connection between the pieces of the rig starting around Nostradamus due to regularly standing and sitting between songs. It only happens at the start of songs when it starts, and the only track it happens in the middle of is Master of Illusion.

EQ and volume adjustments were done. The title is derived from the special shirts the band had available at the show, featuring the 72nd Pennsylvanian Regiment which was present at the battle of Gettysburg.

Please do not sell this show or convert to lossy formats.

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