Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark - Apollo, Manchester
Album info
Length  : 82:56
Format  : FLAC
Rating  : 5
Live  : Yes
Recording Date  : 02-07-1991
Track List
Apollo, Manchester (Disc 1) 39:41
01 Apollo XI 04:26
02 Sugar Tax 04:10
03 Messages 04:49
04 Call My Name 04:43
05 If You Leave 04:53
06 Don't Turn Away 04:14
07 So In Love 03:44
08 Big Town 04:46
09 Talking Loud And Clear 03:56
Apollo, Manchester (Disc 2) 43:15
01 Walk Tall 03:33
02 Maid Of Orleans 03:53
03 I Hear You Call 05:29
04 Locomotion 04:14
05 Dreaming 04:16
06 Pandora's Box 04:18
07 Sailing On The Seven Seas 04:17
08 Enola Gay 05:07
09 Joan Of Arc 03:47
10 Electricity 04:21

Recorded at the Apollo Theatre, Manchester, UK. Good audience recording.

From the info file:

Apollo Theatre
United Kingdom

Audience Recording

Lineage-Sanyo Recording Walkman-TDK D120->CD Wav->Cool Edit Pro->CD Wav For Track Split->Traders Little Helper->You!

Disc 1
1. Apollo XI
2. Sugar Tax
3. Messages
4. Call My Name
5. If You Leave
6. Dont Turn Away
7. So In Love
8. Big Town
9. Talkin Loud And Clear

Disc 2
1. Walk Tall
2. Maid Of Orleans
3. I Hear You Call
4. Locomotion
5. Dreaming
6. Pandoras Box
7. Sailing On The Seven Seas
8. Enola Gay
9. Joan Of Ark
10. Electricity

A nice bright recording from the 'Sugar Tax Tour' 1991
The Manchester audience were very loud and responsive this night and OMD went down very well to the amazment of Andy Mclusky who looked overwelmed and kept shouting YES! at the top of his voice after every song

I recorded this gig on a shitty Sanyo recording walkman i bought back in 1988 it wasnt expensive but the recordings it did were quite good
The recorder was only let down by the built in condenser mic that also picked up the sound of the internal mechanisms going round! so on some recordings there is a constant clicking sound during the more quieter passages (I am sure there are some of you out there that will be able to remove this!)

I have copied the tape straight with no added frills so if anybody out there can clean it up then please feel free!

I have made it into a double CD as it runs 3 minutes over a 90 min disc

Dont have any artwork Im afraid but if you wanna do some....Be my guest :)

This is my third torrent and would like to think i am getting the hang of it now.........more to come.......

Please let me know if this is OK!

Enjoy and share freely...........