Muse - International Arena, Cardiff, Wales (Version 2)
Album info
Length  : 47:55
Format  : FLAC
Rating  : 8
Live  : Yes
Recording Date  : 01-12-2003
Track List
01 New Born 06:34
02 Sing For Absolution 04:31
03 Citizen Erased + Piano Interlude 08:02
04 Space Dementia 06:09
05 Butterflies And Hurricanes 06:03
06 Thoughts Of A Dying Atheist 03:19
07 Muscle Museum 04:40
08 Time is Running Out 04:14
09 Plug In Baby 04:23

Recorded at the International Arena, Cardiff, Wales, UK. Excellent recording, taken from a radio broadcast (see below).

From the info file:

International Arena
Cardiff, Wales
2003-12-01 (1st of december)


Source: Digital Broadcast
Lineage: Digital Radio (BBC Radio1 in MP2 @ 192kbps) > DVB > Stand-Alone CDR Burner > CD > Wav > Flac Level 8

XX. Apocalypse Please
XX. Hysteria
01. New Born
02. Sing For Absolution
06. Thoughts Of A Dying Atheist
03. Citizen Erased + Piano Interlude
04. Space Dementia
XX. Endlessly
XX. Sunburn
05. Butterflies And Hurricanes
XX. The Small Print
XX. Forced In
07. Muscle Museum
XX. Bliss
08. Time is Running Out
09. Plug In Baby
XX. Blackout
XX. Stockholm Syndrome

Incomplete set,complete broadcast.
XXs show the songs not included in the broadcast.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This gig was broadcasted two times on BBC Radio1, the first one a couple of days after the show, the second quite some time after. This is the second broadcast. The first broadcast contained different songs and is 9 songs long. It can be found here: If anyone feels courageous enough to do a mix of the two broadcasts feel free to do so.

I receive BBC Radio 1 via digital satelite.They broadcast at 192kbps.I think this recording fits Dime's rules.
I do not have terrestrial FM (living in France) so I have no way of capturing the original FM stream,hence my recording coming out as flacs.
I'd be OK to remove this torrent as soon as anyone comes with a proper FM.