Porcupine Tree - Voodoo Festival (tooligan matrix)
Album info
Length  : 60:26
Format  : FLAC
Rating  : 8
Live  : Yes
Recording Date  : 26-10-2007
Track List
01 Fear of a Blank Planet 07:54
02 Sound of Muzak 05:13
03 Hatesong 10:07
04 Blackest Eyes 05:34
05 Anesthetize 12:57
06 Open Car 05:03
07 Way Out of Here 07:40
08 Halo 05:58

Recorded at the Voodoo Festival, New Orleans, LA, USA. Excellent recording; matrix of an audience and a soundboard recording.

From the info file:

Porcupine Tree
Voodoo Festival
New Orleans, LA

Matrix by tooligan (grendelator AT yahoo DOT com)
Conversion: FLAC > WAV > CEP > WAV > FLAC

Source 1: Source: Core Sound Binaurals > Core Sound Battery Box > Microtrack 24/96 [16Bit WAV @ 44.1KHZ]
Transfer: Microtrack 24/96 > USB > CDWAVE [Tracked] > FLAC Frontend [Level 8]
Location: Right Side of Stage, 30' From Stacks
Taper: Derek (toolband125)

Source 2 : SBD > Live Stream > R09 > USB > WAV > FLAC 8
Credit: Captured by Dassarri (dassarri at hotmail dot com)


1. Fear of a Blank Planet
2. Sound of Muzak
3. Hatesong
4. Blackest Eyes
5. Anesthetize
6. Open Car
7. Way Out of Here
8. Halo

Dassari's Notes:
Live stream from New Orleans. There is a slight skip at the beginning of Sound of Muzak
which is due to the stream. Split Hatesong as there was a natural pause.

tooligan's Notes:
This was a great matrix to work on, and one of the easiest to do. The Microtrack and R-09
really match up well. This is my first time using a SBD feed as a source, and all I can
say is WOW! This had to be one of the best sounding matrix recordings I've heard, and is
hands down the best one I've done to date. I fixed the skips (there were actually 2 minor
ones) at the beginning of Sound of Muzak. The acutal matrix does not begin until about 1:32
into Fear of a Blank Planet, as that is where Dassari's SBD feed began. The jam in the middle
of Hatesong is the highlight of this show. Hardest to synch was Way Out of Here, with all the
synth effects, but got it in the end. All in all a must have for all Porcupine Tree fans.

FINAL MIX notes:
I had orginally posted this up on Dime, but it got banned because of the type of SBD feed. I
wasn't sure or not if it would be accepted. However a user made a comment there that it was
outta synch, so I rechecked and somehow when I was mixing down the tracks, one of the files
got moved accidentally and threw off the synch off the other files. To err is human. So I fixed
the problem, and doubled even triple checked the files after mixing down, seems like I corrected
it back to how it was before the mixup. Luckily I write down all the synch point times. So I
apologize to everyone who grabbed it the first time. You will enjoy this mix much better.

**Do not sell, for trade ONLY!**