Camel - MP3 Collection
Album info
Length  : 22:43
Format  : MP3
Rating  : 8
Live  : No
Recording Date  : Various
Track List
01 After All These Years (from Japanese 'A Nod And A Wink') 05:47
02 After All These Years 05:53
03 Left Luggage 06:49
04 Never Let Go 04:14

Compilation of unreleased tracks. Hoping for lossless versions to appear someday.

From the info file:

MP3 collection

CAMEL - After All These Years @ A Nod And A Wink (Japan edition).mp3
192 kbps, duration: 5:47
This track was released as a bonus track on the Japanese version of 'A Nod And A Wink'.

128 kbps, duration: 5:53
This is different recording of 'After All These Years'; maybe a demo or alternative mix? This is a free download for subscribers of Camel's newsletter, 'The Nature of the eBeast'. Personally, I prefer this version. :)

128 kbps, duration: 6:49
'Left Luggage' is another free download for 'eBeast' members. You can find track on the 'Footage I' DVD as well. It was recorded during the reunion of Latimer, Ward and Ferguson, at Little Barn Studios, California.

192 kbps, duration: 4:14
This is another free download for the 'eBeast' members. The link in the e-mail is called 'Never Let Go (for Pete)'. This is not the well-known Camel song but a completely new one, probably recorded by Andy alone.