Pink Floyd - Ballet Videos In Colour (Nov72-Jan73) (288p MPG)
Album info
Length  : 11:35
Format  : Video
Rating  : 7
Live  : Yes
Recording Date  : Various
Track List
01 Actualites Mediterranee 03:28
02 JT Nuit 03:04
03 Journal de Paris 05:03

Recorded in Marseille and Paris, France. Excellent footage, see info file below.

From the info file:

PINK FLOYD - Ballet Videos In Colour (Nov72-Jan73)

Source: French TV digitised video archives
video: 25 fps, 352x288, PAL 4:3, 1000 kbps
audio: 48kHz, 2 channel, MP2, 96 kbps

1. Actualites Mediterranee (broadcast 22Nov72) 03:28
2. JT Nuit (broadcast 26Nov72) 03:04
3. Journal de Paris (broadcast 16Jan73) 05:03


These 3 colour videos from French TV archives surfaced in 2010.
This is the first time they are shared, although some hoarders had them since
several months.

Footage shown on video #1 was filmed during the dress rehearsals in Marseille,
Salle Valliers, on 21Nov72.

Footage shown on video #2 was also filmed in Marseille, Salle Valliers, but
this time it seems to be with audience, and was probably shot on 26Nov72 (the
last of the 5 consecutive nights in Marseille).

Some short extracts from the Marseille footage were previously available on
the 'Ballets De Marseille - Pink Floyd Ballet' DVD shared in November 2006,
but they were sourced from edited rebroadcasts; the videos here are the
original 1972 broadcasts and are more complete.

Footage shown on video #3 was filmed during rehearsals in Paris, Palais des
Sports de la Porte de Versailles, on 12Jan73.

Black & white extracts filmed during the 13Jan73 afternoon rehearsals are
available on the 'Ballets De Marseille - Pink Floyd Ballet' DVD, but video #3
here is from the day before and in colour.

Enjoy !


b36a3ff83f25994d4eb39b1b6e3de0e2 *1972-11-22 Actualites Mediterranee.mpg
f23606366c8eadcae9a89741fb4c3fa3 *1972-11-26 JT Nuit.mpg
909db713e6cc82a4e8102012ffe81631 *1973-01-16 Journal de Paris.mpg