Camel - Electric Ladyland, New York City
Album info
Length  : 51:07
Format  : FLAC
Rating  : 6
Live  : Yes
Recording Date  : 19-11-1974
Track List
01 Arubaluba 06:46
02 White Rider 10:37
03 Six Ate 06:39
04 Lady Fantasy 13:03
05 Homage To The God Of Light 14:02

Recorded at the Electric Ladyland, New York, NY, USA. Yet another source from the radio broadcast. Also very good.

From the info file:

CAMEL-ladyland, new york city
19 november 1974

beautiful early FM
from tape.

had a lot of work on this;
pitch shifted, eq. and changed the order of
songs acc. to

White Rider
Six Ate
Lady Fantasy
Homage To The God Of Light

-arubaluba fades in a couple of secs in the song
-lady fantasy also fades in a couple of seconds in the song
-l.f. had a tapeswitch; i repaired it as good as possible.

listen to the samples,
i like to read your comments!!!!!