Porcupine Tree - The Academy, Manchester, UK
Album info
Length  : 116:37
Format  : FLAC
Rating  : 6
Live  : Yes
Recording Date  : 30-09-2006
Track List
The Academy, Manchester, UK (Disc 1) 51:53
01 Fear Of A Blank Planet 09:33
02 My Ashes 05:23
03 Anesthetize 17:09
04 Sentimental 05:09
05 Cheating The Polygraph 06:57
06 Sleep Together 07:42
The Academy, Manchester, UK (Disc 2) 64:44
01 Open Car 04:47
02 Sound Of Muzak 05:12
03 Buying New Soul 07:31
04 Arriving Somewhere 12:32
05 .3 05:43
06 Start Of Something Beautiful 08:37
07 Trains 09:19
08 Halo 06:01
09 Blackest Eyes 05:02

Recorded at the Academy, Manchester, UK. Very good audience recording.

From the info file:


LINEAGE>SONY MZ-NH1 c/w handmade stereo binaural mics mounted on lapels and GreenMachine battery box>USB to hard drive via Sonicstage 4 convert to wav>add fades in sounforge 7.0>split tracks and convert to FLAC (level 8) in CD Wave Editor.

Show length 156 minutes.

Show notes- The set was split into two distinct parts- the first was completely made up of 6 new unreleased-even unrecorded -songs which are as yet untitled. The second part was made up of older material (Though the 'oldest' only dates back to the Stupid Dream sessions!!). Excellent sounding set in the hall and I'm glad to say that has replicated itself on this recording. I've done absolutely nothing with it except add a fade at the end of each the two parts of the set. I was maybe a little bit consersvative with the levels (previous experience in this venue has taught me that!) but it is very clean and bright with no distortion at all and just waiting for you to mould itself to your own listening tastes!

Enjoy and share freely