Porcupine Tree - BBC Maida Vale, London, UK
Album info
Length  : 22:31
Format  : FLAC
Rating  : 8
Live  : Yes
Recording Date  : 13-04-2007
Track List
01 Steven Wilson interview 02:22
02 The Pills I'm Taking 05:56
03 Gavin Harrison interview 00:25
04 Halo 05:38
05 Steven Wilson interview 00:47
06 Fear of a Blank Planet 07:15
07 Outro Daniel P Carter 00:08

Recorded at the BBC Maida Vale Studios, London, UK. Excellent recording, taken from a radio broadcast.

From the info file:

Porcupine Tree
BBC Maida Vale Studios
FM Broadcast (off air)

Recorded 13 April 2007
First Broadcast 17 April 2007

Clear recording with a very little hiss audible during the interviews. 9 / 10

1.Steven Wilson interview 2.22
2.The Pills I'm Taking 5.56
3.Gavin Harrison interview 0.25
4.Halo 5.38
5.Steven Wilson interview 0.47
6.Fear of a Blank Planet 7.15
7.Outro Daniel P Carter 0.08

More of this session due to be broadcast on BBC 6Music (digital only) on Bruce Dickinson's Rock Show on April 28th at 10pm.

Official site info:

Two tracks from the new album, although 'The Pills I'm Taking' may be a name for a subsection of one of the longer tracks (my copy hasn't arrived in the post yet).

Please support Porcupine Tree by buying the new album 'Fear of a Blank Planet ', or any of their other works.
They are a pro taping, pro trading band. They have been very active in supporting their internet community. So please support them by buying official releases.

The new album is not available from their on-line store, but can be bought at the usual retailers. Other releases can be bought from www.porcupinetree.com, also info, free previews and downloads, etc.

FM (off air) BBC Radio2 broadcast > CDR Pioneer PSR-509 > EAC (secure mode) > Soundforge
> Flac (level, sector boundary aligned, verified)

NB. FM (off air) is stated, as some cable FM sources are coming from low quality digital feeds.

Edited in Soundforge to remove DJ and jingles, and to make the Porcupine Tree section continuous.

There is a 3 second replacement from digital broadcast source, Sky 192Kbps, during the interview with Gavin Harrison. Does not affect the music.

Cover art will be posted in the next couple of days at - http://www.cdr.vplay.co.uk/ptree.html , where there are a couple of other

Porcupine Tree covers available.

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