Porcupine Tree - Live Radio City Music Hall, NYC (NYCBC)
Album info
Length  : 197:27
Format  : 2 DVD
Rating  : 7
Live  : Yes
Recording Date  : 24-09-2010
Track List
Live Radio City Music Hall, NYC (NYCBC) (Disc 1) 103:20
01 Menus 18:34
02 Main Movie 84:46
Live Radio City Music Hall, NYC (NYCBC) (Disc 2) 94:07
01 Menus 18:34
02 Main Movie 75:33

Recorded at the Live Radio City Music Hall, NYC, NY, USA. Great audience recording. This is a release from the infamous NYC Bitch Committee, complete with Cheech and Chong footage.

From the info file:

Liberated commercial bootleg!

This is very nice. I do have a few nits to pick - it's a bit SW-centric, especially in the acoustic set (when Wes is singing harmonies you would think they could have zoomed out to show him), and there are other places where I would have focused in on other members of the band a bit more - but that's a complaint I always have with concert videos, including the official commercial ones - they tend to focus on the 'star' more than I would. The quality is quite acceptable - a bit grainy on the wide shots, but hey, this is a bootleg. The closeups are clear. The colors are very nice. And when it gets into the electric sets there are enough of the wide shots to show the films and light show (though again I would have probably done that a bit more). Sound is good. This probably rates a good A- (and when you realize just how 'stealth' it had to be, it's really amazing it's done so well). I think the PT fans as a whole will be delighted.



(acoustic set)

Stranger By the Minute
Small Fish
Pure Narcotic
Black Dahlia

(electric set 1)

Even Less (full version) #
Open Car
Tinto Brass *
The Sky Moves Sideways Phase I *
I Drive The Hearse
Bonnie The Cat


(electric set 2)

Occam's Razor
The Blind House
Great Expectations
Kneel And Disconnect
Drawing The Line
Dislocated Day *
Time Flies
The Pills I'm Taking
Up The Downstair *
Sleep Together
Arriving Somewhere...But Not Here

Steven Wilson - guitar, keyboard, vocals
Richard Barbieri - keyboards
Colin Edwin - bass, upright bass (on acoustic set)
Gavin Harrison - drums and percussion
John Wesley - guitar, backing vocal

* Played as four-piece (without John Wesley)
# JW played on the first half of the song only