Porcupine Tree - Scala, London, UK
Album info
Length  : 129:05
Format  : FLAC
Rating  : 7
Live  : Yes
Recording Date  : 31-05-2000
Track List
Scala, London, UK (Disc 1) 59:45
01 Lightbulb Sun 08:13
02 Four Chords That Made A Million 03:47
03 Even Less 07:01
04 Slave Called Shiver 05:13
05 Sleep Of No Dreaming 05:33
06 Up The Downstair 07:50
07 Where We Would Be 04:47
08 Last Chance To Evacuate Planet Earth Before It Is Recycled 05:11
09 Russia On Ice 12:10
Scala, London, UK (Disc 2) 69:20
01 Tinto Brass 08:27
02 Hatesong 09:05
03 Shesmovedon 06:04
04 Stop Swimming 06:59
05 Pure Narcotic 05:25
06 A Smart Kid 07:38
07 Voyage 34 15:20
08 Waiting 04:18
09 Signify 06:04

Recorded at the Scala, London, UK. Great audience recording.

From the info file:

Porcupine Tree
La Scala, London, 5/31/00 (2 CD)

Disc One
1. Lightbulb Sun, 8:13
2. Four Chords That Made A Million, 3:47
3. Even Less, 7:01
4. Slave Called Shiver, 5:13
5. Sleep Of No Dreaming, 5:33
6. Up The Downstair, 7:49
7. Where We Would Be, 4:47
8. Last Chance To Evacuate Planet Earth Before It Is Recycled, 5:11
9. Russia On Ice, 12:10

Disc Two
1. Tinto Brass, 8:27
2. Hatesong, 9:05
3. Shesmovedon, 6:04
4. Stop Swimming, 6:59
5. Pure Narcotic, 5:25
6. A Smart Kid, 7:38
7. Voyage 34, 15:20
8. Waiting, 4:18
9. Signify, 6:04

Steven Wilson - Guitars, Lead Vocals
Richard Barbieri - Synthesizers, Electronics
Colin Edwin - Bass
Chris Maitland - Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals
Audience recording

* This was the first show of the Lightbulb Sun tour.
* This show marked the live premier of 'Lightbulb Sun,' 'Last Chance To Evacuate Planet Earth Before It Is Recycled,' 'Hatesong' and 'Shesmovedon.'
* The recording seems to be recorded at somewhat of a low volume.
* After 'Lightbulb Sun,' SW says, 'Come with us on a voyage of discovery tonight as we premier and muddle through many of the tracks from the new album for the first time.'
* Before 'Where We Would Be,' SW says, 'The song we're about to do, I kind of always thought this was a happy, up song, but I suppose it's a measure of how fucked-up I am emotionally that most people saw this as just as miserable as the rest of the album. This is called 'Where We Would Be.'
* SW and Maitland add a vocal to the very end of 'Where We Would Be' that's not on the album version and not regularly performed live.
* The concert is played in two sets, with 'Russia On Ice' ending set one.
* 'Shesmovedon' is played as it is on Lightbulb Sun with the vocal and guitar outro part. This part would soon be dropped from live performances as the song would end with SW's guitar solo.
* SW forgets the words during the start of the second verse of 'Pure Narcotic' and he just mumbles them.
* After 'A Smart Kid,' someone in the crowd yells out, 'Next time, you can turn that solo into a 30-minute one because it's fucking excellent.'
SW replies, 'Thank you very much, I'll suggest it to the rest of the band.'
The man then yells out, 'O.K., rest of the band, next time that solo needs to be about 30-minutes long, alright?'
* SW plays a somewhat different solo to 'Waiting.' This track then segues immediately into 'Signify.'