Porcupine Tree - A Heavy Day At Bospop (PRR06)
Album info
Length  : 57:36
Format  : FLAC
Rating  : 6
Live  : Yes
Recording Date  : 03-07-2005
Track List
01 Introduction by Steve Hogarth 00:44
02 Deadwing 10:01
03 Sound Of Muzak 05:11
04 Halo 05:52
05 Hatesong 09:30
06 Arriving Somewhere But Not Here 13:07
07 Strip The Soul 07:58
08 Blackest Eyes 05:13

Recorded at the Bospopfestival, Sportpark Boshoven, Weert, the Netherlands. Very good audience recording.
Note: the original recording also has the Iron Maiden gig, which is omitted from the version I have.

From the info file:

Porcupine Tree & Iron Maiden - A Heavy Day At Bospop (PRR06)
2005-07-03 - Bospopfestival, Sportpark Boshoven, Weert, NL

Lineage: Sony ECM-S5 => Sony MD MZ-R700 => Wavelab 3.0 => Flac Frontend (Level 8)

Recorded by: PROGTROL

Pictures by Harold & PROGTROL
Artwork by PROGTROL


Porcupine Tree headlined the tent at the bospopfestival and their set ended just when Iron Maiden
started their set at the mainstage, hence the reason why the introtape (The Ides Of March) wasn't recorded.
You can actually hear me leaving the tent and heading for the mainstage while my recorder was still on.
Steve Hogarth is the singer of Marillion who introduced Porcupine Tree and also played an impromptu
keyboard solo during Strip The Soul. Please keep this lossless set intact along with the original files
and artwork. Originally distributed on Dimeadozen 2005-09-31

UP THE IRONS - fuk $haron !!!

Disc one

Porcupine tree

01 Introduction by Steve Hogarth

02 Deadwing

03 Sound Of Muzak

04 Halo

05 Hatesong

06 Arriving Somewhere But Not Here

07 Strip The Soul
(w/keyboard solo by Steve Hogarth)

08 Blackest Eyes