Porcupine Tree - Le Bataclan (Spectre Edit)
Album info
Length  : 103:06
Format  : FLAC
Rating  : 5
Live  : Yes
Recording Date  : 13-11-2005
Track List
01 Intro 02:36
02 Open Car 04:44
03 Blackest Eyes 05:17
04 Lazarus 04:19
05 Hatesong 10:01
06 Dont Hate Me 08:32
07 Mother And Child Divided 05:54
08 Buying A New Soul 07:08
09 So Called Friend 05:38
10 Arriving Somewhere But Not Here 12:29
11 .3 05:50
12 The Start Of Something Beautiful 07:17
13 Halo 08:39
14 Radioactive Toy 07:03
15 Trains 07:39

Recorded at Le Bataclan, Paris, France. Good audience recording, a bit bassy.

From the info file:

Porcupine Tree
Le Bataclan
Paris, France

Source: Audience
Taper: Unknown
Lineage: DAT (Sony TCD-D7) > Sony ECM-909 > CD-R(x) > EAC > WAV > Cool Edit Pro > FLAC
Quality: A-/B
Remastered and Editted using Cool Edit Pro 2.1 by Spectre [2006]

01. intro (2:35)
02. open car (4:43)
03. blackest eyes (5:16)
04. lazarus (4:18)
05. hatesong (10:00)
06. don't hate me (8:32)
07. mother and child divided (5:53)
08. buying a new soul (7:07)
09. so called friend (5:37)
10. arriving somewhere but not here (12:29)
11. .3 (5:50)
12. the start of something beautiful (7:16)
13. halo (8:39)

14. radioactive toy (7:03)
15. trains (7:39)*

*(breaks his strings at 3:30 and changes his acoustic guitar to
an electric one)

A really nice show with a great setlist. The audience is respectful during
the show. The biggest problem with this show was the low end was too high
and the high end was too low, making the recording sound quite muddy and
overpowering. I boosted the high end and mildly dropped the low end. This
brought out much more definition with vocals, cymbals, and guitar and cut
the bass drum thumping down a bit. Its still a bit heavy on the low end, but
I didnt want to remove anything from the feel of the show, so I didnt
attack the low end very aggressively. There was also a microgap in 'Blackest
Eyes' at 4:35, which I removed. Aligned on sector boundaries and FLACed
(level 8). Fingerprinted genned with Traders Little Helper. I think it came
out pretty good compared to what I started with. Hopefully you will agree.

I received this show thru a weed in the PT-WEEDS group. It went through
a number of copies, so I cant guarantee complete accuracy with regards to the
lineage. The hardware info was culled from COTM for the only show listed
for this date. I received it as 2 audio discs and used EAC to rip it. I
confirmed the files were lossless sourced after ripping the audio discs.

Enjoy the show! [Spectre]