Muse - Mercy Lounge, Nashville, TN
Album info
Length  : 77:45
Format  : FLAC
Rating  : 4
Live  : Yes
Recording Date  : 30-11-2004
Track List
01 Intro 00:59
02 The Small Print 03:52
03 New Born 06:39
04 Butterflies and Hurricanes 05:58
05 Sing For Absolution 04:43
06 Bliss 04:02
07 Citizen Erased 07:35
08 Ruled By Secrecy 04:48
09 Hysteria 04:06
10 Thoughts Of A Dying Atheist 03:22
11 Time Is Running Out 04:37
12 Plug In Baby 05:11
13 Stockholm Syndrome 10:47
14 crowd muse return 01:09
15 Apocalypse Please 04:43
16 Microcuts 05:14

Recorded at the Mercy Lounge, Nashville, TN, USA. Not the best audience recording, pretty bassy and distorted.

From the info file:

Mercy Lounge
Nashville, TN

Sound core Binurials -> MiniDisk -> WavPad -> Flac

Quality : I like it, i'm used to it though, Bish, sounds pretty good to me though at least a good listen. I was in the crowd being pushed and trying to enjoy the show so it's not A+ shit, but i like it better than the Buffalo and St. Louis gigs.

oh yeah NO FUCKING SELLING THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO MP3's (except for personal use) !!!!!!!!!!!! and trade freely

01 Intro
02 TSP
03 New Born
04 Butterflies and Hurricanes
05 Sing For Absolution
06 Bliss
07 Citizen Erased
08 Ruled By Secrecy
09 Hysteria
10 Thoughts Of A Dying Atheist
11 Time Is Running Out
12 Plug In Baby
13 Stockholm Syndrome
14 Crowd Muse Return
15 Apocalypse Please
16 Microcuts

Recorded and Shared by Shaggy28

Awesome show. Muse ROCKS. I've been hording this one for a while, plus i ran into issues with my minidisk that made my getting this out quite a bit delayed. Since the new album is coming out i decided i should wait til a bit closer. So here it is, never been traded so i know you haven't heard it, this is one of three (maybe four) muse shows that i've never traded and i'm gonna put them all on dime first. So please everyone, make sure to put lots and lots and lots of MUSE up here as it comes around in their new tour.