Muse - MTV Supersonic Italy 2003
Album info
Length  : 52:13
Format  : DVD
Rating  : 8
Live  : Yes
Recording Date  : 15-09-2003
Track List
01 Menus 01:27
02 Main Movie 50:46

Recorded at the Supersonic, Milan, Italy. Excellent recording, taken from a TV broadcast.

From the info file:

MBDVD006 - MTV Supersonic, Italy 2003

Date: 15th September 2003
Venue: Supersonic
City: Milan
Country: Italy

Taper: Unknown
Authored: paul_nicko

Lineage: Unknown (DVD Standalone?) > ? > DVD > Me (Recieved in Trade) > VideoReDo > DVD Lab Pro 2.5

Video: A+
Audio: A+

01 - Hysteria
02 - Thoughts of a Dying Athiest
03 - Bliss
04 - Blackout
05 - Citizen Erased
06 - Presenter Chat
07 - Butterflies and Hurricanes
08 - New Born
09 - Time is Running Out
10 - Plug in Baby
11 - Presenter Chat
12 - Stockholm Syndrome



Tapers Notes:
Firstly many thanks to the original taper, the quality is excellent. Not much work had to be done with this thankfully, just needed the GOP timecode to be rebuilt then put it through DLP to be authored. Again the audio has been upmixed to DTS, I used a different method this time, a freeware tool named 'UpMix 0.21' it sounds great to me. The first audio stream is 192k AC3 (the DVD's original stream) and track two of course is the DTS mix.

Again, big thanks to Benit for the artwork :)

There is quite a few different recordings of this show doing the rounds, this is by far the best quality and most complete we have came across.