Muse - Paradiso, Amsterdam, Holland
Album info
Length  : 72:53
Format  : FLAC
Rating  : 6
Live  : Yes
Recording Date  : 06-01-2000
Track List
01 Feeling Good 03:49
02 Nishe-Overdue 03:15
03 Sober 04:03
04 Recess 03:54
05 Sunburn 03:48
06 Falling Down 05:15
07 Unintended 04:26
08 Screenager 05:25
09 Uno 03:56
10 Cave 04:34
11 Plug In Baby 04:11
12 Muscle Museum 04:28
13 Fillip 03:35
14 Do We Need This 06:27
15 Escape 03:53
16 Showbiz 07:54

Recorded at the Paradiso, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Very good audience recording. This is the complete recording (including the tracks that are mentioned as being 'omitted' in the info file below).

From the info file:

Band: Muse
Venue: Paradiso
City: Amsterdam
Country: Holland
Date: 6th of January 2000

Recording: Audience
Lineage: ?? > Trade CDr > Dime
Quality: B+

Feeling Good
**Sober (Omitted - Officially Released)**
Sunburn (guitar)
Falling Down
Screenager (guitar)
Plug In Baby
Muscle Museum
**Fillip (Omitted - Officially Released)**
**Do We Need This (Omitted - Officially Released)**
Showbiz + Ashamed outro

Info: I got this in a trade so do not know the lineage, the quality is good, Sober was released on the Unintended single and Fillip and Do We Need were released on the Ramdom 1-8 EP, this was the first show that Plug In Baby, Screenager and Nishe were played live, I dont normally ask for requests but if anyone has any early Muse or Opeth it would be greatly appreciated if you could upload it, Check out my partial list at, as always requests are welcome.