Porcupine Tree - Steven Wilson - Grape Street Pub, Philadelphia, PA
Album info
Length  : 23:44
Format  : SHN
Rating  : 7
Live  : Yes
Recording Date  : 12-03-2005
Track List
01 Intro - Even Less 05:19
02 Christenings 04:35
03 How Is Your Life Today? 02:52
04 Lullabye 04:32
05 The Day Before You Came 06:26

Recorded at the Grape Street Pub, Philadelphia, PA, USA. Great audience recording.

From the info file:

Steven Wilson
Grape Street Pub
Philadelphia, PA
March 12, 2005

Source: Sony ECM-MS957 stereo mic > Sharp MD-SR60 minidisc recorder
Transfer: Sony MDS-JE520 MD deck > Philips CDR760 via optical cable > CD-RW > CoolEdit > CDWAV > SHN
File Size: 335MB (SHN) | 105MB (WAV)

01 Intro / Even Less - 5:19
02 Christenings - 4:34
03 How Is Your Life Today? - 2:51
04 Lullabye - 4:31
05 The Day Before You Came - 6:26

23:43 total time

Show Notes: Unfortunate circumstances (bad batteries) plagued me from minute one, and therefore this is all I can offer (I only got about ten minutes of Blackfield's phenomenal set and even that is marred by distortion). As a bonus, I've included a few pictures that I took at the show and four short video clips that I took with my digital camera. Anyway, The quality of what I did great sounds clear and nice, recorded in front of the left stack by the bar. This show apparently includes the first live performance of 'Lullabye' and what I believe is the first appearance of 'Christenings' (which is a new track).

Even Less (video clip) 0:21
Lullabye (video clip) 0:33
Thank U (video clip) 0:27
Feel So Low (video clip) 0:24
plus 17 pictures.