Porcupine Tree - Duchess Of York, Leeds, UK
Album info
Length  : 97:48
Format  : SHN
Rating  : 7
Live  : Yes
Recording Date  : 12-05-1996
Track List
Duchess Of York, Leeds, UK (Disc 1) 47:03
01 Intermediate Jesus 07:21
02 The Sky Moves Sideways 12:31
03 Waiting 04:59
04 Nostalgia Factory 05:43
05 Moonloop 10:46
06 Dislocated Day 05:43
Duchess Of York, Leeds, UK (Disc 2) 50:45
01 The Moon Touches Your Shoulder 06:13
02 Always Never 09:28
03 Up the Downstair 08:30
04 Voyage 34 13:39
05 Radioactive Toy 12:55

Recorded at the Duchess of York, Leeds, UK. Combination of a pretty good audience recording and (mainly) (great!) SBD.

From the info file:

Porcupine Tree
Duchess of York, Leeds, England, 12th May 1996

Disk One

1. Intermediate Jesus
2. The Sky Moves Sideways
3. Waiting
4. Nostalgia Factory
5. Moonloop
6. Dislocated Day

Disk Two

1. The Moon Touches Your Shoulder
2. Always Never
3. Up the Downstair
4. Voyage 34
5. Radioactive Toy

Well worth having this one, includes 'The Nostalgia Factory' as well as one of the first times 'Waiting' and 'Intermediate Jesus' were performed live. A mixture of both soundboard and audience recording. 'The Moon Touches Your Shoulder' and part of 'Always Never' are from the audience source.

The artwork included is from the net, so many thanks for whoever created it, I hope it's not a problem including it in this torrent.

I'll be sharing a few more shows as I go through my collection, any particular requests please let me know as I have quite a number of PT boots.