Porcupine Tree - Phantasmagoria, Wheaton, MD (SBD)
Album info
Length  : 74:17
Format  : FLAC
Rating  : 7
Live  : Yes
Recording Date  : 26-05-1999
Track List
01 Even Less 06:28
02 Piano Lessons 04:48
03 Waiting 04:28
04 Up The Downstair 07:28
05 Don't Hate Me 08:24
06 Signify 05:45
07 Voyage 34 11:34
08 Tinto Brass 06:59
09 The Sky Moves Sideways 12:30
10 Radioactive Toy 05:53

Recorded at the Phantasmagoria, Wheaton, MD, USA. Excellent recording (from SBD).

From the info file:

Porcupine Tree
Wheaton USA

I got this in a trade ages ago but i have no linage but my tracker has it indicated as a sound board recording
having listened to it this morning i wouldn't disagree sound quality is great so enjoy!
ripped using EAC>FLAC LEVEL 8

Art is included

as always no mp3 conversion unless its for yourself and no selling on ebay

set list
even less
piano lessons
up the downstair
don't hate me
voyage 34
tinto brass
sky moves sideways
radioactive toy