Porcupine Tree - Martyrs, Chicago, IL
Album info
Length  : 90:30
Format  : FLAC
Rating  : 6
Live  : Yes
Recording Date  : 17-11-2002
Track List
Martyrs, Chicago, IL (Disc 1) 43:07
01 Intro (cuts in) 00:40
02 Blackest Eyes 04:36
03 The Sound Of Muzak 05:53
04 Gravity Eyelids 07:48
05 Even Less 07:15
06 Slave Called Shiver 04:48
07 Wedding Nails 06:26
08 Last Chance To Evacuate Planet Earth 05:41
Martyrs, Chicago, IL (Disc 2) 47:23
01 Hatesong 08:53
02 A Smart Kid 05:53
03 The Creator Had A Mastertape 06:02
04 Heartattack In A Layby 04:25
05 Strip The Soul 08:02
06 Encore Break - Waiting (Phase One) 06:31
07 Tinto Brass 07:37

Recorded at Martyrs, Chicago, IL, USA. Very good audience recording (just a little bassy).

From the info file:

PORCUPINE TREE - Martyrs, Chicago 2002_11_17 (AUD FLAC)

LINEAGE-this recording lines up with the lineage here


Taper: moecurlythanu

Location: unknown

Source: Sound Pro (Shure) SP-CMC-16 Premium Cardioid mics > Sharp MD-MT90

Transfer: Sharp MD-MT90 > Harmon Kardon CDR 30 Standalone CDR Recorder > EAC > CD Wave > mkwACT>
I received as x2 audio CD >EAC to WAV and FLAC conversion (Level 8)

SHOW NOTES- An good recording though very bassy. It's pretty clean though with absolutely minimal distortion so you can shape it to your own listening preference quite easily.

Artwork Included

**IMPORTANT**One thing I'm adding now to all of these shows - please feel free to share these with anyone or seed them on any other site that respects lossless trading, but please, only trade them in this format. If you want to change anything, then that's fine but please ONLY FOR YOUR OWN USE. Obviously, I can only ask this, but if you don't abide by my request, please- at least have decency to add your own name and 'REMIX' to the title to avoid any trading issues down the line.

Disc 1: 43:01

Intro (cuts in) [0:39]
Blackest Eyes [4:35]
The Sound Of Muzak [5:52]
Gravity Eyelids [7:47]
Even Less [7:15]
Slave Called Shiver [4:48]
Wedding Nails [6:25]
Last Chance To Evacuate Planet Earth [5:40]

Disc 2: 47:19

Hatesong [8:53]
A Smart Kid [5:53]
The Creator Had A Mastertape [6:01]
Heartattack In A Layby [4:24]
Strip The Soul [8:01]
encore break / Waiting (Phase One) [6:31]
Tinto Brass [7:36]