Porcupine Tree - The Fine Line, Minneapolis, MN
Album info
Length  : 91:50
Format  : FLAC
Rating  : 7
Live  : Yes
Recording Date  : 26-07-2003
Track List
The Fine Line, Minneapolis, MN (Disc 1) 51:19
01 Blackest Eyes 05:17
02 Shesmovedon 05:28
03 Gravity Eyelids 09:07
04 Futile 06:14
05 Even Less 07:15
06 Slave Called Shiver 04:35
07 Waiting 04:41
08 Hatesong 08:42
The Fine Line, Minneapolis, MN (Disc 2) 40:31
01 Russia On Ice 12:32
02 The Moon Touches Your Shoulder 05:52
03 Strip The Soul 09:55
04 Wedding Nails 05:52
05 Trains 06:20

Recorded at the Fine Line, Minneapolis, MN, USA. Great audience recording.

From the info file:

---Porcupine Tree. Minneapolis, Minnesota. @ The Fine Line, July 26 2003---

Size: 593mb .flac
Legnth: 1:32:12
Quality: Excellent Audience, 20ft back cos, minimal audience noise.
Lineage: Sonic Studios/SonyD8 >Master DAT >StAudio 24/96card >WaveLab >.flac

Excellent audience recording, Clear vocals, transparent high end, good separation, excellent soundstage strong bass. Very minor subwoofer distortion on track 1 during PA adjustment. From master dat.


01.Blackest Eyes
03.Gravity Eyelids
05.Even Less
06.Slave Called Shiver
09.Russia On Ice
10.The Moon Touches Your Shoulder
11.Strip The Soul
12.Wedding Nails

Note: This version has been retracked to fix:
1. Loud digital spike before 'Futile'
2. Microgaps between every track
4. Tracks starting four seconds into the song

Many thanks to Bootray for sharing this!
--MP 5/05