Porcupine Tree - The Fine Line, Minneapolis, MN
Album info
Length  : 106:10
Format  : FLAC
Rating  : 7
Live  : Yes
Recording Date  : 29-05-2005
Track List
01 Intro 03:52
02 Deadwing 09:30
03 Sound Of Muzak 05:10
04 Lazarus 04:48
05 Halo 05:51
06 Stop Swimming 06:32
07 Hatesong 09:15
08 Arriving Somewhere But Not Here 13:12
09 Fadeaway 06:27
10 Strip The Soul 07:19
11 Mellotron Scratch 07:22
12 Blackest Eyes 04:49
13 Stupid Dream 07:49
14 Shesmovedon 06:51
15 Trains 07:23

Recorded at the Fine Line, Minneapolis, MN, USA. Great audience recording.

From the info file:

--- Porcupine Tree May 29 2005 Minneapolis Minn. Fine Line ---

Size: 587 MBmb .flac
Legnth: 1:46:10
Quality: A Audience, Excellent sound. Chatter minimal.
Lineage: MasterDat> STAudio 24/96 card> 24bit.wav>.flac
Recorder: Sonic Studios> Sony tcd D100> 20ft cos
Released 7-05

Excellent audience recording, great performance, crisp high end, strong bass with good stereo image.
Thanx for being a quiet audience.

3.Sound of muzak
6.Stop swimming
7.Hate song
8.Arriving somewhere but not here
10.Strip the soul
11.Mellotron Scratch
12.Blackest eyes
13.Stupid dream
14.Shes moved on


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-Please do share this recording freely-
-Please do preserve the quality-

Track 01.flac:5e5316707522b8c56d07c536f74e7ec7
Track 02.flac:e1e58a0bb09ab29d7f0112be89d205ab
Track 03.flac:51154ec2ec8f27b4d9e8d6a50aac2664
Track 04.flac:3a93bc7f752c4a4c7130a6521b6a7a69
Track 05.flac:9f0684d761544bc548ad3f7d468efe92
Track 06.flac:89510d32fc26159f2d6acf9c287fd474
Track 07.flac:d270b11c2c5e162d666158e8d4e64e83
Track 08.flac:67918ec7a37fd2c749f796eaf35d557b
Track 09.flac:a37333834316d0fd1df9e6970c3b45e9
Track 10.flac:b68bf3a2ad87f0979e2a53e6625e8ef6
Track 11.flac:153b1acaf966f5c9e9ffa7559f9219cb
Track 12.flac:1bdf25305c5d70f9e306bbdb9d096daf
Track 13.flac:4580909ead70938f1c1d5b342f0bad9a
Track 14.flac:ae81003dcdc2198cdcb7b2004b71eee4
Track 15.flac:f34590008486ad04e30636cd0d05e03d