Porcupine Tree - Penny Theatre, Canterbury, Kent, England
Album info
Length  : 87:38
Format  : FLAC
Rating  : 6
Live  : Yes
Recording Date  : 25-05-1996
Track List
Penny Theatre, Canterbury, Kent, England (Disc 1) 47:08
01 Idiot Prayer 07:19
02 The Sky Moves Sideways 12:45
03 Waiting 04:58
04 The Nostalgia Factory 05:09
05 Moonloop 11:00
06 Dislocated Day 05:57
Penny Theatre, Canterbury, Kent, England (Disc 2) 40:30
01 The Moon Touches Your Shoulder 05:35
02 Always Never 05:56
03 Radioactive Toy 12:12
04 Voyage 34 13:15
05 Linton Samuel Dawson 03:32

Recorded at the Penny Theatre, Canterbury, Kent, UK. Very good audience recording.

From the info file:

Porcupine Tree
Penny Theatre

Here is an excellent PT show from 1996 the quality is very good as with the Kidderminster show I put up last week it sounds like a very small venue like a phone box! crowd equally are in your face not many of em by the sounds of it and they are quite talkative but don't let that distract this is a fine show

I'd say this one is very rare have never seen it traded before so I hope you all enjoy it i have extracted using eac>flac level 8

art is included

disc one
idiot prayer
the sky moves sideways
the nostalgia factory
dislocated day

disc two
the moon touches your shoulder
always never
radioactive toy
voyage 34
linton samuel dawson