Porcupine Tree - Dommelsch Zaal, Tilburg, Netherlands
Album info
Length  : 130:03
Format  : FLAC
Rating  : 7
Live  : Yes
Recording Date  : 15-10-2008
Track List
Dommelsch Zaal, Tilburg, Netherlands (Disc 1) 55:01
01 Preshow Ambiance 02:09
02 Fear Of A Blank Planet 07:48
03 My Ashes 04:55
04 Introduction 01:17
05 Anesthetize 17:30
06 Sentimental 05:48
07 Way Out Of Here 07:42
08 Sleep Together 07:52
Dommelsch Zaal, Tilburg, Netherlands (Disc 2) 75:02
01 Normal 08:23
02 Stars Die 06:01
03 What Happens Now? 08:07
04 Open Car 04:44
05 Dark Matter 08:57
06 Chat: Who's Coming Tomorrow? 00:47
07 Wedding Nails 06:00
08 Half Light 05:34
09 Sever 05:43
10 Chat: Long Set 00:46
11 Blackest Eyes 07:37
12 Sleep With No Dreaming 05:32
13 Halo 06:51

Recorded at the 013 (Dommelsch Zaal), Tilburg, The Netherlands. Great audience recording.

From the info file:

Artist: Porcupine Tree
Title: dvd shoot#1
Date: 15 october 2008
Type: Audience
Tour: Fear of a Blank Planet (final leg)
Location: Tilburg, 013, Netherlands
Rating: A- (rated by taper)
Catalog: MVD-045

Lineage: Church ST-11 Cards - Church pre-amp STC-9000 (high pass filter on) - iRiver H340 (44.1 kHz) - HDD - FLAC


Disc 1
01 - preshow ambiance
02 Fear of a Blank Planet
03 My Ashes
04 - introduction
05 Anesthetise
06 Sentimental
07 Way out of Here
08 Sleep Together

TIME: 55:03

Disc 2
01 Normal
02 Stars Die
03 What Happens Now
04 Open Car
05 Dark Matter
06 - chat who's coming tomorrow?
07 Weddings Nails
08 Half Light
09 Sever
10 -chat about the long set
11 Blackest Eyes
12 Sleep With No Dreaming
13 Halo

TIME : 75:03


Recorded live at Dommelsch Zaal, 013, Tilburg, Netherlands
Date: 15 october 2008.
Recorded on iRiver H340 using Rockbox, r18339 build 080824.
Recording format: 44.1 Khz WAV
Microphone: Church ST-11 Cardiods with STC-9000 preamp, high pass filter on
Location: right side of venue, 20 mtrs from right speaker stack
Sound enhancement with Soundforge 7.0 / Adobe 2.0
Sound editing with CD Wave editor
Flacs created with FLAC frontend 1.7.1 (level 7)


Steven Wilson (vocals, guitars)
Richard Barbieri (keyboards)
Colin Edwin (bass)
Gavin Harrison (drums)


The recording itself sounded very well. Not much was done. I corrected volume levels where needed, and added some 'air' by tweaking the high frequencies a bit. Bass was reduced to correct a booming sound. Levels were boosted a bit. The airco was blowing hard at times and at some points the air stream blows over the mics. Other than that no disturbance.
After the correction, tracks were split at sector boundaries.
Flacs are tagged for convenient playback on compatible systems.

Porcupine Tree came to Tilburg to record for a new dvd. They wanted to document the FOABP tour and also some not frequently played songs. Sound at the venue was loud, but good. At the first half it sounded like they were a bit carefull at their playing, trying not to make mistakes. Steve Wilson even refers to the recording stating that playing in the knowing that this is for posterity doesn't make it easier. Anyway, this is a good and long set by PT. The set had a short intermission after FOABP was played. This had to do with the changing of film for the camera's. I split the discs at this natural pause. Enjoy Porcupine Tree on in great form!

Artwork is included in the Torrent release. I took the photo's myself.

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Prepared by symfan.

october, 2008

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